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05 March 2022

One of the options to optimize your work and get the most out of your day is to schedule Instagram stories. 

Stories are undoubtedly content that usually takes time to develop: for example, thinking about what you will talk about or when it is better to share them, especially if it is an important day. That is, you must pay attention to any details.

Scheduling stories on Instagram is a simple solution that will allow you to manage your time more efficiently and improve your performance.

How can you do it? With Metricool, it’s a piece of cake.

How to schedule stories on Instagram

The process of planning your content ahead of time with Metricool is straightforward. You can do it with both free and paid accounts and after connecting your professional Instagram profile to Metricool. 

If you already use Metricool, skip this step and go to Planning, Ready? Let’s get started!

Create a new post

Click on ‘New post’ and select Instagram. You can also click on the calendar directly and choose the hours when your audience is more active on Instagram (a darker hue indicates the best time to post).

schedule Instagram stories with metricool

Upload your images for your Instagram Stories

Add the files you want to upload to your post, and remember that the Instagram stories format must always be vertical.

For both video and photo, the size is 750 x 1334 pixels, and the maximum length of a story is 15 seconds.

If you need to, you can edit your image from the planner itself. Take advantage of Metricool’s tools to crop your image, filters or stickers.

Schedule your stories

Choose the time and date you want to publish the content.

Before saving, remember to set ‘OFF’ in the automatic option, since Instagram does not allow you to schedule stories directly.

If you activate it without realizing it, the files will not be published directly but you will receive a notification.

✅ Choose the type of post you want to schedule so when it is time to publish, Metricool will take you to the corresponding section of Instagram.

If you choose, in this case, a story, you will be taken directly to the part of editing and uploading Instagram stories. 

Before saving, remember to click ‘OFF’ in the Auto option since Instagram does not allow to program stories automatically from external apps.

If you activate it inadvertently, the files will not be published directly, but you will receive a notification.

Choose how to receive the push notification

Finally, pick how you want Metricool to notify you that it is time to post the story on Instagram.

Through the email or via a push notification of the Metricool app that previously has to be installed on your mobile device with the notifications enabled. When you receive the notification, the images will be automatically saved on your device. 

Once you receive the files on the date and time you have scheduled, you have to upload them manually, adding and customizing as you want: mentions, hashtags, location, or emojis, to your liking.


With Canva you can integrate your scheduled posts in Metricool. An option that will help you to be more efficient in managing your networks: you design in Canva and schedule in Metricool, without leaving the page.

Click on the share button in Canva and finish scheduling in the Metricool scheduler.

What format should you choose so that your stories look great on Instagram?

Now you have everything ready to program stories on Instagram with Metricool. Plan and organize your editorial calendar and manage your time in a more efficient way.

Do you have any questions? We will read your comments. 👇🏻

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 05 March 2022


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