How to Preview Your Instagram Feed for Free

06 February 2024

Have you ever posted on Instagram just to realize you don’t like how it looks in your feed? We’ve all been there before… Thankfully there are Instagram feed preview tools that allow you to see how your content will appear in your feed before it’s posted. Never gamble with your content before posting again.

Can You Preview Your Feed on Instagram?

The network itself is testing a feature that will allow users to preview their content on the app before posting. This option will be available on the editing page where you can see how your content will appear in the grid preview.

Some users will find a “Show preview” button in their apps. As of now, this feature has not been rolled out to all users. This option is only available for single images, videos, and carousels and is not available for Stories or Reels.

But, what if I told you there is a completely free tool that allows you to preview all Instagram content prior to posting?

Instagram Feed Preview with Metricool

Say goodbye to posting content blindly. Metricool’s Instagram feed preview feature allows you to see how content will look in your feed before it goes live.

Metricool’s Instagram Feed Preview is a feature that allows you to preview how your posts will look on your Instagram feed before they are posted. The best part? You can access this for completely free by creating a Metricool account. 👇👇

How does Metricool’s Instagram feed preview work?

1 Click ‘Create New Post’

After logging into your Metricool account, head to the Planning section of the platform. Here you will see a calendar with all your upcoming scheduled content for the week. To schedule a new post, click on “Create new post” which will open Metricool’s scheduler.

2 Highlight the Instagram icon

Highlight the Instagram icon, and select which content type you will be posting: Post, Reel, or Story. You can preview your posts for each of these content types.

3 Upload your content

Next, you will add your content including a caption, hashtags, mentions, etc. if applicable. You can also utilize Metricool’s royalty-free image and video banks if you are lacking content at the moment.

4 View your content in the feed preview

Now that you have uploaded your content, it’s time to see what it will look like in your feed. On the right side of the screen, you will see a preview option. Click on ‘Feed’, and you can see how your posts and Reels will look like in the main feed, and in your profile feed. If you are uploading a story, you can still view the preview of how it will appear in the story feed.

5 Schedule your post

Once the post has all of its necessary elements, it’s time to schedule the post for the time and day you want it to be published. To do this, simply click on the date button at the bottom, next to the schedule button. Then you have the option to save the post as a draft, send it to review, save and schedule, or publish now, depending on your needs and team.

Advantages of Metricool’s Instagram Feed Preview

If scheduling and planning content on Instagram is part of your day-to-day, you will appreciate having this Metricool feature available for your work.

So, which benefits does this feature bring to your daily work?

Organize your Instagram feed

The feed is the first thing that Instagram users see when they land on your profile. Maintaining a similar aesthetic on your feed is a way to establish your brand image, and increase the chances that viewers will resonate with your brand.

Using this Instagram feed preview feature allows you to view your overall brand aesthetic at once, and see what’s missing, what would complement the previous post well, etc.

View feeds for multiple networks

Metricool’s feed preview goes beyond just Instagram. You can utilize this feature for every social network available in Metricool, that is, Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and YouTube.

This means that you can schedule content across multiple networks at once, and view how the content will appear on each network’s feeds.

Preview for mobile and desktop versions

Since social media is used on both mobile and desktop devices, your content must be compatible with all formats. Metricool’s feed preview will show you how the content appears on both mobile and desktop versions, so you can ensure your content is optimized for both formats.

Review for mistakes before posting

This option is useful when uploading multiple images to form a grid. You may have an error in one of the images or make a mistake with the order. This will allow you to check for any mistakes before posting.

With this Metricool feature, you can preview your Instagram feed. Organizing the feed and checking that everything is in order before publishing will be a piece of cake. 

Do you have any questions about the Instagram Feed Preview? Let us know in the comments!

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