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18 November 2023

If you work with multiple social media accounts and platforms, it can be time-consuming to jump between platforms and accounts to plan and post content. Being able to preview your social media feed before posting is another element. You go to an external app or a private account that you have just to see your previewed feed… we’ve all been there.

But when planning social media content with Metricool, you can see how the post, story, Reel, etc. will look in your feed. So, do you want to know how to have an Instagram feed preview, for example? 

Let me show you how it works!

What is Metricool’s Social Media Feed Preview?

Metricool’s post preview feature is a tool that allows you to view how your content with look with your feed, before you publish it. 

You can see how the content meshes with your feed before posting, thus eliminating any mistakes, or it not fitting well with your feed. 

Where can you find this?

After clicking on “Create new post”, and selecting the social networks you want to post to, you can add your desired content. 

In the top right corner of the planner, you will see a “Show preview” option, where you can preview the content in your feed, for both mobile and desktop versions. 

Also if you choose to multiple social media platforms at once, using Metricool’s multiposting feature, you can preview the feed for each network. 

As you can see in the images above, you can see this post for both X and Facebook, by just clicking on either icon at the top. 

Of course, each social media network has its own characteristics, and so does this post preview feature. Next, I am going to explain how this feature works for each platform. 

X/Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest 

With Metricool you can schedule up to four images, a GIF, or a video on Twitter. Since the only content format is a post, you will see a preview of the scheduled post. 

TikTok and Pinterest are the other social media platforms that only allow you to publish one type of post: a video, image, or video in this case. 

When uploading your TikTok video to Metricool, you can see how the beginning of your video will appear on the For You page. 

With Pinterest, you can include one image and preview how the pin will look before it’s posted. 

PS: Remember to select the board that this post will go to. 


With Facebook, you can schedule three types of posts: feed posts, Facebook Reels, and Stories. 

With these formats, you can preview how they will look after being published. So, it adapts each post preview based on its corresponding feed. 

Normal feed posts will show the preview as it would appear on the regular timeline, Stories will appear with the reply options at the bottom, and Reels will show your username at the bottom, with the share and reply options on the right side. 


Meta’s second social network has the same content formats to schedule as Facebook: posts, stories, and Reels. You can also schedule carousels with up to 10 images or videos, which you can see in Metricool’s preview. 

In addition to seeing the post, you can also see how it will look with your entire profile feed. So, you can see how posts will look with your feed before posting. This is the Instagram feed preview feature. 


With Metricool you can plan all LinkedIn content: from text posts including images or videos, as well as PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, and DOCX formats. 

These formats are only valid for posting carousels on the social network. This is what it will look like in your Metricool preview when you schedule a carousel in PDF. 

Google Business Profile 

For your Google Business Profile, you have two different formats to post: a normal post, or with an image. 

In the first case, you will see a preview of the text you added in the post along with the link you have added. 


In the video platform, you can schedule both long and short videos, the “Reels/TikToks” of the network, called “Shorts”. 

With the preview, you have the option to see how both formats look and even play the video to see how it will appear when live. 

This is Metricool’s social media post and feed preview feature, which you can use for FREE! Create your account below, and level up your social media game. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 18 November 2023

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