Guide to post on Instagram in 2023

26 October 2022

Want to know how to post on Instagram? We’ve prepared this guide for you to learn how to upload your content from any platform. 

How to post on Instagram

Fortunately, you can post photos to Instagram in 2023 from many platforms: On your page using Instagram Web, on your Android or iOS device’s mobile app, and even from external tools like Metricool. 

Depending on the content you are uploading, you can use one platform or another. For example, if you want to publish a reel on Instagram, you need to have the mobile app. However, if you’re wondering how to post multiple photos to Instagram, alternatively, you can use the Instagram Web. 

How to post on Instagram from mobile 

Instagram was born as a social network for mobile devices, so it is in the native app where you can make the most of all the possibilities it offers you to share content. 

Photos, image gallery, videos, Reels, stories, live broadcast… everything without exception, unless you have downloaded Instagram Lite, the light version of Instagram. 

Here are the steps to post to Instagram from mobile: 

  • Enter or open Instagram and click the ‘+’ button at the top right.
  • Choose the content you want to publish between post, story or reel. Instagram will take you to a screen based on what you want to share
  • You can upload content from your mobile’s gallery or by taking a photo or video instantly
  • Follow the steps of Instagram to share the content, according to what you are going to upload: copy of the post, scenes of the reel and trending sound or stickers in your story.
  • Post your content. 

✅ From the Instagram mobile app, you have the option to publish any type of content at that moment. 

How to post on Facebook and Instagram at the same time 

If you want to publish content on your Facebook page and Instagram at the same time, you need to have both platforms connected. Here we will tell you how to link Instagram with Facebook. 

To post the same content on both social networks, simply activate the Facebook tab in the last step before posting your content. If you do not have your account linked, Instagram will ask you to do so at that time. 

How to post on Instagram from your computer 

Do you use the web version of Instagram to upload content and post to your profile?

You should know that you can only publish posts of images, carousels or videos. Stories or reels have to be done from a mobile device. 

Of course, if you use extensions outside of the social network, you can share stories. So, this is how to upload Instagram stories from your computer. 

To upload your post from Instagram Web:

  • Go to Instagram in your browser. 
  • Tap on the left side on the ‘+’ button, Create. 
  • Upload your multimedia content from your computer: in this case, you can’t capture it at the moment as you can do on your mobile. 
  • Click ‘Share’ and you’re done! 

✅ From your computer and the desktop version of Instagram, you can upload the content to your account. If you have the material on your PC, this can be a useful tool. However, this option can fall short of opportunities, compared to the mobile application. 

how to post on instagram from computer

How to post on Instagram from Metricool 

With your Metricool Swiss army knife, you can post on Instagram instantly or by planning content in the short or long term. 

In this way, you can save time and keep working while the tool publishes for you. 

⚠️ In Metricool, you can program Instagram content including posts of an image, carousels of up to 10 images, reels and long videos, which can be published automatically. 

If you want to schedule or publish a story, you have to do it semi-automatically. Once you program the content in Metricool, you will receive a notification at the scheduled time, prompting you to publish. All you have to do is follow the last steps to post. 

How do you post on Instagram from Metricool? 

  • Enter Metricool. If you don’t have an account, sign up for free here and connect your Instagram account with the tool. 
  • Go to ‘Planning’ in the top menu and click ‘Create New Post’
  • Check the Instagram box and choose what type of content you are going to upload: Post, Reel or Story.
  • Complete your post with caption, hashtags, tags and whatever else you need for your content and check the ‘Publish Now’ box that you will find at the top right. 
  • All done! Your content is published. 

✅ With Metricool, you have everything you need to publish to Instagram in one place. In addition to sharing content instantly, you can schedule posts, analyze your Instagram account, and you have the option of knowing the best time to post on Instagram based on your account. Spy on your competitors and respond to private messages and comments. 

how to post on instagram

Now you know how to publish on Instagram from the mobile application, from your computer and from Metricool, to manage everything related to your account. 

Want to know more? I will leave an Instagram marketing guide, from yours truly.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 26 October 2022

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