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Import a CSV file for bulk scheduling your social media posts

Sara Martín

Sara Martín,

Nowadays social media platforms are essential parts of the marketing strategy of each company or personal brand.

As a consequence, planning and scheduling the content strategy is vital to save time with publishing on different social platforms. 


Metricool Planner

In the main menu, from the planning tool and calendar, you can program content on the main social networks: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, you can plan your publications on Google My Business platform.

Until this moment there were two different options for planning your content on social media platforms with Metricool:

✅ Manually, including publications one by one.

With RSS feed.


Now, we offer a third alternative where you can plan your social media strategy by uploading a CSV file to Metricool for publishing all your content. 

We are going to explain everything in detail… don’t worry.


Plan your strategy by uploading a CSV file to Metricool 

First, access the Planning section in the main menu, then go to Calendar. On the screen you will see a new option called Add from file (CSV):


1️⃣  Tap Add from file (CSV). 


2️⃣ A pop-up window will display as shown in the image below. Here, you will choose the CSV file to plan your content. Once you complete the file, a list with all the content included in the file will display, then tap Add all.



We are going to show you how to fill out the CSV file so Metricool can interpret it correctly and plan the content without any problem. 

In this pop-up window after clicking Add from file (CSV), you have the option to click on a link called Download Template.

Then, access your downloads folder and open Metricool’s CSV file. You will see two rows with information:


  • In the first row you can see the names of all the parameters that you have to complete in the row below, that is, the row headings. 


  • The second row is an example of how to fill out the information to post all your publications successfully. Then you can add as many rows as publications you want to plan. 


➡️ In the first column, add the text of the publication, if you also want to add a link to your web or blog, you must include it at the end of the text.

➡️ In the second and third column, add the date and time you want your content to be published.

➡️ In the next 5 columns, you must choose which social networks you want Metricool to publish your content to. To do so, under each column with the social channel name, you must write TRUE, when you want to publish on a social platform, and FALSE, if you don’t want to publish on a specific social network.  

➡️ Finally, the rest of the cells are reserved for adding up to 10 images. Simply, add the media content’s URL that you’d like to publish. 


Advantages of planning your content with a CSV file

Save time: You won’t have to manually plan your content with Metricool anymore, you can do it faster by uploading several publications at the same time from an Excel file. 

✅ You can see all the content that you are planning to post organized in a list: Review at a glance all the publications planned,  as long as on which days and social networks they will be posted.


Do you want to know more about Metricool features?



Tip: Adjust the size of the images to the required dimensions by each social media platform before you schedule them.


Programming 10 images doesn’t change the way that you have normally programmed with Metricool. 


1️⃣ Schedule the images from Metricool 

2️⃣ Receive a push notification to your phone or email. 

3️⃣ Log into Instagram and upload your publication with all the images that have automatically uploaded in your gallery.


Advantages of sharing 10 photos or videos on social media

✔️ Sharing multiple photos or videos in one publication makes easier to share relevant content without sending spam to feeds.


✔️ They are perfect to share step-by-step tutorials or to publish products showing different points of views.


✔️ For companies, the new “albums” or “galleries” are very useful when they want to share photos or videos of an event, or want to show a new product combined with life style images.


What do you think about this new update from Metricool? If you want to learn more about all of Metricool’s features click on this mega guide.



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