What are Twitter subscriptions?

17 April 2023

With Twitter subscriptions, (formerly Twitter Super Follows) you can now monetize the content that you post to this social network.

Twitter has listened to your wishes and announced a feature that allows you to charge followers for your content.

Here we’ll tell you what it is and how it works.

Twitter Subscriptions

Even though social networks have been characterized by offering free content, little by little, they have introduced payment for accessing certain premium or subscription advantages.

Now Twitter has Subscriptions, a feature for content creators to earn some income. 

And what are Twitter Subscriptions, you may be wondering?

Twitter subscriptions are a new feature announced by Twitter that allows content creators to charge followers for accessing extra content (tweets, long videos, etc.) exclusive previews or certain advantages.

In this way, the follower feels a part of the creator’s community with access to extra content, while rewarding the creator with payment.

Now let’s see how the Twitter Subscriptions feature works.

Twitter Subscriptions: How it works

Subscriptions are another method to support content creators and encourage users to continue sharing content on the network.

However, as a creator you must keep in mind that not all tweets and content will reach all users, but only those who have paid for your subscription.

If a user wants to create premium content, simply head to your Twitter profile > More options > Professional tools > Monetization and then follow the rest of the steps that the network guides you through.

Who can participate in subscriptions?

This premium content involves a content creator who shares tweets, and a user who subscribes to their content.

But who can buy the subscriptions?

This option is open to any user who lives in a location where subscriptions are available.

To find a user who has subscription content, you can search for it in the @subscriptions account, see who the account follows, or check if the user has a subscribe button.

In terms of content and answers, only users who belong to the user’s subscription program have access to this premium content. They can also retweet and quote tweet this content, but will only be seen by other subscribers of the same user.

How to buy a subscription on Twitter

To register as a subscriber to a user, you can do it through a link that the user will share with you.

But you can also find this in the user’s profile. So, to subscribe on Twitter:

  • Go to the user’s profile you want to subscribe to.
  • If you already follow them, click on the Subscribe button at the top right.
  • You’ll then have access to a preview of the exclusive content they offer, and the price of the subscription.
  • Tap Subscribe to accept the terms and purchase your new subscription.

These subscriber options are available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on iOS, Android and Web.

How much do subscriptions cost?

The price of subscriptions is set by the content creator based on what Twitter proposes. This payment is conducted monthly and can range from $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 USD.

What percentage does Twitter keep from this? The user who creates the content can take up to 97% of the payments they receive through the subscription.

What you get with a subscription

Each content creator chooses what additional and exclusive content to add to their subscription program. Here are some examples of the benefits subscribers can get:

  • Exclusive tweets written for this subscribers, to which only they will have access and can react with replies, quotes, retweets, likes, comments, etc.
  • Set up notifications about new tweets, exclusive to iOS and Android.
  • Live conversations in audio spaces. You can join as a listener as well as a participant.
  • Receive a badge that credits you as a subscriber, which will appear next to your name in a tweet conversation.
  • Direct access to the subscriptions tab, where you will find all the exclusive tweets from the creator.


Twitter Subscriptions replaced Super Follows, the previous way to pay for exclusive content on the social network.

This is very similar to the old version, except for some extra added features, such as notifications to receive updates about new exclusive content.

This way of empowering content strengthens the bond of creators with their community, since Twitter subscribers will get something in return for their payments, including exclusive content, badges and offers.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 17 April 2023

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