LinkedIn Tests New AI-Powered ‘LinkedIn Coach’ 

08 August 2023

LinkedIn is really diving into the Artificial Intelligence world. After recently implementing AI Assistants that have helped users with an array of things. From creating a professional profile to job advertisements to creating posts based on trends. And now they have taken it a step further to an AI-Powered LinkedIn Coach. This tool is planning on doing all of this and much more. 

When it comes to LinkedIn there are several features that, if used to the full extent, can help you in lots of ways. For example, this app can spread your brand awareness, apply for jobs, hire employees, and more. With this new feature, you can be coached step by step to take advantage of every feature. 

What Can the AI-Powered ‘LinkedIn Coach’ Do For You? 

With the extensive knowledge of AI, if you choose to test out this feature for yourself, you will be able to be paired with a ‘coach’ that aligns with your specific goals. 

  • Answer specific questions
  • Walk you through each feature 
  • Track progress
  • Analyze client responses
  • Provide insights into areas for improvement
  • Analyze job postings and provide feedback
  • Provide feedback on how to optimize the resume

AI-Powered LinkedIn Coach Concerns 

Being that LinkedIn is a social networking platform, implementing all kinds of AI-Powered work, could take away that person-to-person connection. The coaching services can come with some drawbacks, such as : 

  • Limitations in diversity and uniqueness of profiles, posts, and interactions
  • Reliability issues due to incomplete or outdated data or algorithms
  • Ethical and privacy concerns
  • Could lack of accountability or transparency. 

How to Set Up LinkedIn AI-Powered Coach

“Whether you’re looking to set out on a new path, overcome a hurdle, or simply gain a better sense of what direction you want to go in, find guidance and support by signing up to speak with a LinkedIn Coach.”

Visit here to read the terms and conditions of the new feature to set up your AI Coach. You will then have to fill out a short form before you get started!

Source: LinkedIn

No matter your thoughts on AI, many social media platforms and companies are testing all kinds of AI features and it is time to at the very least educate yourself on it. In regards to the further development and future of AI, we see it being here to stay for a while. 

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sophie sophie , 08 August 2023


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