How to get more views on TikTok in 2023

11 January 2023

As most of us readjust and reassess our social media strategies for the next year, it can be hard to think of which tactics to add or change that can grow your account. And if you’re active on TikTok, you may be wondering how to get more views on TikTok to increase brand awareness and get your message to the right people. 

Well if that’s you, you’re in luck. Implementing these strategies can align your brand with the right audience and tap into a new platform. Before diving into this article, you want to ensure you have a plan for how you want to market on TikTok. Think about your demographics, your content pillars and what message you want to convey. 

What does a “view” really mean?

Due to its differences across platforms, a “view” on TikTok is a little ambiguous. When it comes to what a “view” means, a view will be counted only after a second of watching your video. If people watch it multiple times, in a loop, that will be counted as a new view. However, with this being said, a “view” is different from “time watched.” 

Yet, views are a good indicator of analyzing your exposure and reach. So that’s why it may not be the only metric of growth, but it’s a major one. 

Tips to increase TikTok views

The following are tricks you can implement easily into your social media strategy and boost your TikTok videos.

Add the right hashtags 

By adding hashtags to your videos, you can place yourself in the right circles, that is in front of those that have similar interests to your content. Add hashtags that relate to your content, provide solutions and can be relatable to your audience. 

Utilize hashtags tools, including Metricool’s TikTok hashtag search engine, to generate hashtags related to your content and see at a glance the view volume of specific hashtags. 

Along with hashtags, adding sounds to your videos can also help your content find the right audience. To find trending sounds on TikTok, go to TikTok app and click on the Create (+). Then tap on Add Sound. Here you will see trending audio, recommended sounds as well as different categories that you can browse to find the best sounds for your videos. 

Cross-Promote your content

If you are newer on the TikTok, you may want to drive your followers from other networks to your TikTok videos. Cross-promoting can help you further expand your reach and drive traffic to your account. 

Try adding to other channels and expand your social media strategy for more chances to grow your accounts. 

Optimize your captions 

Although the content is the most essential part of TikTok videos, captions are also useful when it comes to positioning yourself on the app. Focusing on TikTok SEO can help you rank higher in searches and place your videos in the right circles. 

Competition is higher than ever on this network, however, it is continuing to grow as a search engine, thus the opportunities on this platform are huge. Take advantage of this trick and optimize your videos. Add keywords into your captions to trigger the algorithm and watch your views soar. 

Keep your content engaging

Like mentioned earlier, a “view” doesn’t mean that people watched your whole videos. Use “views” and “time watched” side-by-side to see which videos had more engagement, making viewers want to stay until the end. If you see that time watched was low, on a highly viewed video, this could mean viewers dipped out early. 

Therefore, make sure your content is timely, diverse and informational is important. If users have a question or issue, they are more likely to come back if you offer solutions. Keep track of which questions people are asking, so you can make videos with these answers. 

Relatability is also another major factor of TikTok. Users want to see the faces behind your brand, rather than simply the products. Stay away from having content that is promotional-heavy and sprinkle in some playful content. 

Analyze your performance

At the end of the day, this step is the most important. In order to grow, you have to learn from your previous mistakes, and capitalize on what went well. Utillize your in-app analytics, and if you want to go further, you can use Metriool for your in-depth TikTok analytics

how to get more views on tiktok

Remember that within TikTok, you can only access your account analytics if you have a Creator or TikTok Business account. If you want to unlock this feature, think about switching to this type of account. 

In Metricool you can glance at your demographics, traffic sources, video views, watch length and find the best times to post. This will allow you to always have your strategy changing and improving. The best part? It’s completely free. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 11 January 2023

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