Mention other Facebook Pages from Metricool Planner

31 January 2020

We’ve great news! 🙌🏻

As you’ve requested, now you can mention other Facebook pages on your publications that are planned from Metricool, the same way as you are doing it on Instagram and Twitter now.

How to mention other Facebook Pages

The process of mentioning other Facebook Pages is very straightforward, pay attention…

When you want to mention other Facebook pages on a publication, you will have to write the symbol @ and then write the name of the page that you’d like to appear on your content.

Metricool planner will display a list with all the pages as you are writing, simply choose the page that you want to mention on your publication.

As the image below shows, you can see the logo and full name of each page, this will help you to identify the pages that you want to select.

After having finished your publications, you can preview how your content will display on the right side of the screen.

That’s it, so easy!

Encourage conversations by mentioning other pages on your publications made from our planning tool and increase the performance of your posts.

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Sara Martín Sara Martín , 31 January 2020

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