Google Business Profile Report with Metricool

Google Business Profile, previously know as Google My Business, is a social media network like any other. The beginning of each month brings the same old headache: How do I get a custom report and not die trying? The answer: Google Business Profile Reports With Metricool.

How to a Get Google My Business Report

The Google Business Profile has become an interesting tool for local businesses, both digital and in-person. On this social media network, users find information and reviews on what they search for.

Being well positioned is key to reaching your target audience.

The content you share is important for users to find you, but you also have to analyze your job performance. And this is where the reports come in…

This data can sometimes seem endless and takes hours and hours to compile, right? 

The secret I promised you is that, with Metricool, you get a Google Business Profile performance report in just one click. 

First, you need to sign up on Metricool using the link below. 

Create your Metricool account

Got it? Now I’ll tell you how to download a personalized Google My Business report with Metricool.

  • Go into your Metricool dashboard and click on Analytics.
  • Here you’ll see the statistics for all the social media networks you’ve connected. 

Scroll down to the Reports section.

  • Once you’re in Reports, you can personalize your Google My Business report with the period of time you want to analyze and language; a personalized template (only for users with Premium Advanced and up); the sections to include (if you want to add more information) and the logo of your company or personal brand.
  • When you’ve customized all the options, click Generate PDF or Generate PPT, depending on which format you want to download it in.
  • Wait for Metricool to load the report, then click on Download and you’re ready to go!

💡 MetriTip

Want your report sent straight to your inbox or your client’s mailbox? Activate the option to get the reports automatically and add a personalized message.

Metrics on the Google Business Profile Performance Report

Missing something? Of course!

The most important thing of all, knowing what’s on these reports so you can decide whether they’re useful to you. Here we go!


Google Business Profile works through searches, which means users want to hear from you.

Metricool measures search metrics including: Google Maps, Google Search and total searches.


The clicks you have received during the selected period of time will depend on the information you share. There are some businesses that don’t include contact information, such as a phone number or directions.

In this case, you can see clicks on the websites, on the phone, how to get there and and the total number of this data.


In this part of the report, you can see what actions users have taken: messages, reservations, food orders and total actions.

Photos and Videos

This includes the media you’ve added to your Business Profile page, both photos and videos in the selected time period.

And a ranking of those shared, sorted by views.


One of the most important aspects of your Google Business Profile are reviews.

This is where users share their experience with your business. We recommend you respond to every review users leave, positive or negative.

In this section, you get the average rating from your reviews as well as the total. Also, you receive a ranking of the reviews with comments and their respected rating.

Now you’ve got your Google Business Profile report with Metricool. Remember, you can also plan your profile content from the Metricool calendar. All in one!

Want to know what else Metricool can do for you? 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 21 April 2022


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