How Can a Social Media Calendar Help You?

Carlos Bravo
27 July, 2022

Do you have a content calendar to plan your company or clients’ social media? If not, now is the time to use a social media calendar.

In this post, we’ll tell you why it is key to get organized with a calendar, how Metricool can help, and a little surprise at the end. 

Why use a social media calendar?

You knew it as soon as you started reading this: you need a content calendar for social media to organize your social media marketing strategy and, possibly, your day to day as well.

Have you forgotten using a calendar at school to keep track of your homework and important dates? This is exactly the same because if you work haphazardly and always at the last minute… it can get chaotic, and things lost in the shuffle.

So? How can a content calendar for social media help you?

To save time

One question: how many hours do you think you’ve wasted by not planning your social media content?

You know, those days you haven’t scheduled anything, and you’re racking your brain to think of something to post but can’t come up with anything. 

✅ Using a calendar for social media planning will help save you time that you can use for other things. With the content all ready, you just have to copy and paste into the social network where you want to post it and move on to the next thing. 

To set goals 

The post calendar lets you set long- and short-term goals in your content strategy.

Depending on what type of planning you do, the type of content you’re going to upload over that time and other issues, you can set goals and see if you can achieve them. 

To keep your socials active

One of the most important aspects of social media planning to keep growing is to always have content on your profiles, so they stay active.

This option is really useful. As social media users, we all know that a profile that has been abandoned or hasn’t posted anything in a while might not be trustworthy or might even mean the company has gone out of business.

To measure what happens on your social media

The tools you use to schedule your posts also let you analyze the content on your socials: so everything you leave scheduled and post through your favorite tool can be measured afterwards. 

Watching and analyzing how your content strategy is working is key to growing your social media accounts.

To remember key dates

How many times have you forgotten an important date on social media and hadn’t time to post? You’ll never get those likes back. Dates like Valentine’s Day, Community Manager Day, etc.

With all your content planned out on your social media manager calendar, you’ll always have something ready for those big days. Leave it all scheduled, and the tool will post it for you.

Social media manager calendar with Metricool

And now you know how important it is to have a calendar to plan your socials, we’d like to introduce you to Metricool.

A template to organize your whole social media content strategy:

  • Set your goals for each social network and your blog, the frequency and target.
  • Make a weekly planning of content for all your social media accounts.
  • Prepare the content you’re going to post on each social network with the topic for each post.

Want to download a FREE content calendar for social media to plan your socials from Metricool? 

Download the Social Media Calendar here

Remember, with Metricool you get a social media planning tool with everything you need:

▶️ Schedule the content on your calendar so you can spend time doing other things: you’ll also see the best times for posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

▶️ Analyze the social media content and the posts you’ve scheduled on each profile.

▶️ With Autolists, your socials are always active. Because the wheel of posts never stops spinning.

Sign up with Metricool for free and get all the advantages of a social media manager calendar.

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Carlos Bravo


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