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We all know...

The unique clickable link in Instagram to drive traffic to your web is the link in the bio. Usually, the URL of our web is inserted in the link in the bio, so the user goes to it and, once there, searches for the content itself.

How to get the best performance of the Instagram Link?

  • Metricool provides you a link to a page that displays your Instagram posts.
  • You can click any post you like that will drive you directly to a different page. In this way, each post can link to a product from your online store or to different articles from your blog.
  • Link your audience to specific content in an easy and direct way, without possibility of getting lost.

How does it work?

  1. Select the Instagram posts you want to be linkable.
  2. Configure the links of each publication so that each one redirects to a specific page.
  3. Copy the link generated by Metricool and paste it in the bio of your Instagram profile.

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