Connect or create your Google Ads account with Metricool and get up to 50% discount on your campaigns for 31 days

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How does this promotion work?

Each person who connects or creates an account with Metricool will receive 1 USD per 1 USD invested during the first 31 days.

1. Create or connect your account

This promotion only applies to new Google Ads accounts as long as they are connected to Metricool.

2. Create a new campaign

Whether you create your campaign from Metricool or not, the promotion will apply during the first 31 days.

3. Receive 1 USD for each dollar invested

Receive one dollar for each dollar invested in your campaigns during the first 31 days. Up to 150 USD


Conditions to benefit from this promotion

You need to meet some requirements to access this discount.


The account cannot have other promotions applied.

The billing country of the account must be included in Metricool’s exclusive list as follows.


Publish the first campaign in the last 14 days maximum.

Metricool’s exclusive list with the countries where the promotion can be applied

The billing country must be included in Metricool’s exclusive promotion list.

Billing countryMaximun incentive
Germany120,00 EUR
Saudi Arabia450,00 SAR
Algeria45,00 USD
Argentina2300,00 ARS
Australia150,00 AUD
Austria120,00 EUR
Bahrain120,00 USD
Belarus90,00 USD
Bolivia75,00 USD
Bosnia and Herzegovina45,00 EUR
Brazil225,00 BRL
Bulgaria135,00 BGN
Belgium120,00 EUR
Canada150,00 CAD
Qatar120,00 USD
Czech1500,00 CZK
Chile75,00 USD
Cyprus120,00 EUR
Colombia75,00 USD
South Korea150000 KRW
Costa Rica75,00 USD
Croatia600,00 HRK
Denmark900,00 DKK
Ecuador75,00 USD
Egypt225,00 EGP
El Salvador75,00 USD
United Arab Emirates450,00 AED
Slovakia120,00 EUR
Slovenia120,00 EUR
Spain120,00 EUR
U.S150,00 USD
Estonia60,00 EUR
Philippines3000,00 PHP
Finland120,00 EUR
France120,00 EUR
Greece120,00 EUR
Guatemala75,00 USD
Honduras75,00 USD
Hong Kong600,00 HKD
Hungary22500,00 HUF
India3000,00 INR
Indonesia675000,00 IDR
Ireland120,00 EUR
Iceland120,00 USD
Israel450,00 ILS
Italy120,00 EUR
Japan11250 JPY
Jordan120,00 USD
Kazakhstan90,00 USD
Kuwait120,00 USD
Latvia60,00 EUR
Libya45,00 USD
Lithuania60,00 EUR
Luxembourg120,00 EUR
Lebanon120,00 USD
North Macedonia45,00 USD
Malaysia225,00 MYR
Malta120,00 EUR
Morocco45,00 USD
Montenegro60,00 EUR
Mexico1350,00 MXN
Nicaragua75,00 USD
Norway1125,00 NOK
New Zealand150,00 NZD
Oman120,00 USD
Pakistan70,00 USD
Palestine120,00 USD
Panama75,00 USD
Paraguay75,00 USD
Netherlands120,00 EUR
Peru75,00 USD
Poland375,00 PLN
Portugal120,00 EUR
Puerto Rico75,00 USD
United Kingdom120,00 GBP
Dominican Republic75,00 USD
Romania300,00 RON
Russia3000,00 RUB
Serbia60,00 EUR
Singapore120,00 SGD
Sri Lanka70,00 USD
South Africa900,00 ZAR
Sweden1125,00 SEK
Switzerland150,00 CHF
Thailand2250,00 THB
Taiwan2250,00 TWD
Turkey150,00 TRY
Tunisia45,00 USD
Ukraine2000,00 UAH
Uruguay75,00 USD
Venezuela75,00 USD
Vietnam1350000 VND
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