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Drive traffic from Instagram to any web page. Improve the performance of your link in bio. Increase conversions, sales and visitors quickly.

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Links on all your Instagram posts

Did you know?
The link in bio is the only place where you can insert a clickable link on Instagram. It’s your chance to drive traffic to your website. This link is unique, unless you use Metricool’s link to drive traffic from all your publications and custom buttons with links to any place you want.

Multiple links on Instagram

Get the most out of your Instagram Link

Obtain your link for your Instagram bio and direct your audience to a page where your Instagram posts will display with their own link. From each publication you can generate a link that takes users to the content of your choice: a different social network, article or online store. Create clickable links on all your publications and set up buttons with strategic content.

Multiple Instagram links and clickable buttons

Drive your audience to strategic content from Instagram

Create links to all your publications or clickable buttons and drive your followers to the site or content you want so they don’t get lost on the way.

Select posts or create buttons

that you want to appear on your link in bio page

Set up the links for each publication

so each one can direct users to a specific page.

Copy the link that Metricool generates

and paste it on your Instagram bio

Instagram link benefits

Create clickable images or multiple links with buttons and establish the route for your audience to follow.

Links to any site

Your last YouTube channel, a downloadable guide or subscription to your website.

1-minute configuration

That easy. Choose the URL that you want to drive your audience to and copy-paste it. Done.

Posts with link

Any publication can include a link to drive followers wherever you want.

Change it anytime

Promote the content you want and change it anytime you need.