Effective planning of your social media content

Save time and improve your planning process by programming your social media content through a visual calendar.




We help big corporations:


Your editorial plan turns into publications

Best Time

Metricool analyzes your audience’s behavior to let you know when exactly they will be active so your publications receive more views.


Publish effortlessly and simultaneously the same content in several networks and access their preview before they are posted.


Create automated content lists, set a schedule and see how your content gets published smoothly.

Link in bio

Drive people to your website by making your Instagram images clickable and associated to a direct link.


Build an editorial calendar in a visual and simple environment

Metricool’s visual planner lets you save time and ensure that all of your publications included in your editorial calendar will see the light at the right moment.
Publish in all your social networks from one place

Best time

Program your publications for the best moment

Social Networks filter

Create calendars separately for each network if you want

Edit and preview

Review how your publications will be displayed with a preview

CSV import

Upload all your planning in bulk to the calendar


Professionally create content with total freedom

Metricool’s content creator offers everything you need so your publications are posted with a professional look.

Multimedia content

Add up to 10 images per publication


You can check how the publication will be displayed before it is posted


Automatic URL shortener that registers analytics

Instagram planning

Plan your Instagram posts without risk of being blocked


Automate publications to spend more time generating new content

Automate the publication of articles in your blog, news from external sources or content that is meant to be recurrent to focus your efforts on improving the relationship with your community and create higher quality content.

Use RSS feeds

Import publications from your blog or another web with RSS feed

Add content via CSV

You can also use CSV files to import content

Never run out of publications

If you want to, Metricool will start again from the top of the list once it has ended


Auto publish on Instagram

Choose how you want your content to get published. Receive a notification when it’s time to post a story, IGTV, reel or carousel. Or simply use the auto publish feature to leave your photos and videos programmed on your feed.


Drive traffic to your web from Instagram

Create clickable links on all your publications and drive your followers to the website of your choice to avoid them getting lost along the way.

Select the publications

that you want to appear in the link of your bio page.

Configure the links of each publication

so each one drives to a specific page.

Copy the link generated by Metricool

and paste it in the bio of your Instagram profile.

Use Metricool for free from any device

Other advantages that you shouldn’t miss.

URL Shortener

We shorten your links and provide you with data about your clicks

Compatible with mentions

Use mentions with searcher
within the planner

Promote your posts on Facebook

Do your publications need a push?
Promote them with only one click

Use emojis in your posts

Add emojis compatible with all of the
networks from the planner