Metricool at Social Media Marketing World

13 December, 2019
Metricool will be present in the next edition of the SMMW! We will be able to learn and meet people from our professional environment...

Metricool will be present in the biggest event for social media and digital marketing in the world next year: The Social Media Marketing World.


After having monitored this event in the last few years remotely, next March, 2020 we’ll be at the Social Media Marketing World, the event where social media professionals from across the world talk about the last trends and new changes in the digital marketing industry.

We will be in touch with speakers and all the social media professionals to make sure that Metricool is up to date with all the new techniques.  

Metricool at the SMMW

Metricool will be in San Diego to sponsor the event in this next edition on March 1 to 3, 2020.

What’s Social Media Marketing World?

SMMW is the world’s biggest and most famous event about social media and digital marketing that is held in San Diego each year. The Social Media Examiner team is in charge of this conference that helps multiple companies from all types of industries discover how to make better use of social networks to improve their connection with customers, drive traffic, increase sales, etc. 

Social Media Marketing World stands out for:


Relevant content and with no commercial goals regarding social networks and how to include them in marketing strategies


Keeping up to date the digital marketing and social media profession each year, showing and teaching the different trends and the latest techniques in the sector 


✅ The presence of top expert speakers, renowned with a long experience and very interesting careers.


Marketing sessions in live or with the opportunity to view the recording later.


Apart from gathering over 100 professionals specialized in each of the social networks, there are development workshops where the attendees who dedicate themselves to marketing and social media professionally receive practical and valuable tips to improve their marketing skills.


Social Media Marketing World 2020

This year the conference will take place the first three days of March in San Diego, as previous events. 

Some of the main speakers  who will participate in the sessions and workshops in this next edition are: Mari Smith, Michael Stelzner, Jasmine Star, Jay Baer, amongst others.

There will be sessions about different topics, below are some examples…


  • How to Create Unforgettable Instagram Stories – Even When You’re Busy.
  • Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques for 2020 and Beyond.
  • How to Write Facebook Ads that Work: Tips from the Trenches.
  • The Future of Online Video.


Metricool at Social Media Marketing World

As we have just advanced, in this new SMMW edition, Metricool will be in San Diego as an official sponsor of the most important social media event in the world between March, 1st and March,3rd.

Metricool has been following this conference for several years in the distance, analyzing the impact and metrics of the event on Twitter and contacting speakers through our social media platforms.

Finally this year we will be able to learn first hand the world’s latest trends in social media marketing and strengthen our visibility in the US.

Are you considering to attend Social Media Marketing World?

Come to see us and enjoy the event!

SMMW 2020: TOP Speakers Ranking

SMMW 2020: TOP Speakers Ranking

This year we are sponsors of Social Media Marketing World that is held in San Diego, California. An international digital and social media marketing event and the perfect place to learn the new trends, what is yet to come and meet people from the industry. As a...


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