Social Media Marketing World 2020: Social Media Impact

5 March, 2020
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Social Media Marketing World is the
biggest marketing conference, organized and hosted by Social Media Examiner.
This marketing event is very popular, with influencers from around the world
flying in to listen to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field and
expand their network.

Everyone in the industry wants to
make it to SMMW, and this year Metricool has been there as sponsors of the
event. Enjoying, learning and meeting
the best in social media marketing!

Still, like every year, we have monitored
the social network activity with Metricool’s Hashtag Tracker.

All of you who were there and those
who weren’t, can enjoy the metrics of the biggest marketing event of the year!


Social Media Marketing World in data

As usual, Metricool’s
real-time hashtag tracker
has monitored Social Media Marketing
World 2020 (#SMMW20) to analyze all the information about this event and to
understand what happened during these days in San Diego.

Twitter Impact

As every year, the Social Media
Marketing World has been a complete success onTwitter and has exceeded 17,000 tweets during the three days of the event.

✅ 248 tweets and 59 images per hour
have been posted

facts that stand out and have been incredible during the event are:

  • 2,328
    unique participants
  • 4,249
    pictures shared on Twitter
  • 418M

The amount of activity and
engagement that this event has produced in its 2020 edition is impressive.

However, we can get more interesting information by going
deeper into this data.

✅ The #SMMW20 has been
Trending Topic
in San Diego during 11
hours and 25 minutes
and in Salt Lake City for two and a half hours.

If we analyze the graph by hour, we can see how more people tweeted during the second day, with the highest peak of activity at 8:00 a.m., the kickstart of the second day and when Keynote started.

Participant countries

The Social Media Marketing World is an event known worldwide and
therefore, with an impact on social
networks at a global level
. On this map, we can appreciate where tweets
with the hashtag #SMMW20 were sent during Social Media Marketing World.

This is the
top 5 countries that have participated in the event  via Twitter:

▶️ United States

▶️ United Kingdom

▶️ Canada

▶️ Australia

▶️ India

Ranking of participants

The ten people
with the most interactions on Twitter were:

  • Holly Chessman: She is the person with the most interactions. Holly published 1,069 tweets and got 2,167 likes.

  • May King: She has more than 4,600 interactions during the event. May has been very active while the SMMW, she has published more than 1,600 tweets.

  • Chris Strub: Always active in this event, last year was also one of the most active in social networks. He has over 2,700 interactions on Twitter.

  • Christie Gritmon: 243 tweets, 109 images and over 2,600K impressions.

  • Dan Willis:645 tweets and 2,515 interactions during the event.

  • Social Media Examiner:  Organizer of the event and one of the accounts with over 2,300 interactions and more than 165 tweets were published!

  • Metricool: This year we attended the biggest marketing event and wanted to share it with all of you! More than 140 tweets and 2,193 interactions.

  • Mari Smith: One of the speakers and top influencers of the event. She is very active every year, she has exceeded 100 tweets posted during this SMMW20.

  • Jim Fuhs: A digital marketing consultant with more than 1,800 interactions and 1,084 mentions.

  • Content Cal: 1,789 interactions and more than 800 tweets!

Instagram Impact

From Metricool we have also analyzed
the activity of the event on Instagram to understand its impact on one of the
most popular social networks worldwide.

  • 84,492
    in total
  • 78,339 likes in total
  • 6,153 unique comments
  • 1,622 posts

On Instagram, the first day at the beginning of the event is when the highest number
of posts were shared
. However, it was
the second day when the activity increased in terms of interactions and likes

 And this is all about the impact of the Social
Media Marketing World on social networks in its 2020 edition.

We hope to
monitor and be present again in the next one!

In addition to monitoring hashtags on Twitter and Instagram with Metricool you can monitor your social network accounts and those of your competitors. With Metricool you can plan and program your content strategy and get all the reports you need to see the evolution of your communities. Metricool is also considered one of the best social media tools in 2020, according to Mobile Monkey.

SMMW 2020: TOP Speakers Ranking

SMMW 2020: TOP Speakers Ranking

This year we are sponsors of Social Media Marketing World that is held in San Diego, California. An international digital and social media marketing event and the perfect place to learn the new trends, what is yet to come and meet people from the industry. As a...

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