The Social Footprint of Social Media Marketing World 2017

Ana Gotter


Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World is one of the biggest- if not the biggest– marketing conferences every year. The conference is massive, with industry influencers from around the world flying in to listen to the some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field and network with each other.

Everyone in the industry wants to make it out to SMMW, but it’s not always a possibility every year. Tools like Metricool, however, make it possible to get a brief overview of what went down at the convention—even if you couldn’t attend.  Let’s take a look at what happened at Social Media Marketing World 2017 and how it compared to 2016.

How We Collected the Data

Metricool has an incredible hashtag tracker that we used to collect data like trending topics, top influencers posting about the event, and the number of posts the hashtag appeared in for Social Media Marketing World.


hashtag tracker

Hashtag Tracker Metricool


This Twitter hashtag tracker works in real-time, allowing you to monitor events and their social footprints as they’re happening. We collected the data for Social Media Marketing world by tracking #SMMW17 and #SMMW16 (the conference’s official hashtags for 2017 and 2016, respectively).

2017 Recap

Let’s start with Social Media Marketing World 2017, which had the official hashtag of #SMMW17. Even at a first glance, without getting too in-depth, the social footprint of this conference is obviously enormous, including:

  • 50,322 tweets containing the hashtag
  • 11,681 unique posters using the hashtag
  • 9,347 unique pictures were shared on Twitter with the hashtag
  • 997,000,000 potential impressions on Twitter alone


Social Media Examiner World 2017

Social Media Examiner World Statistics 2017


These are huge numbers, with an average of 303.14 tweets and 56.31 pictures posted per hour, with a whopping potential 6,008,000 impressions every year and an average of 4.31 tweets for every participant.

The potential impressions per participant averaged out to 85,382. That is a massive reach, and shows the importance of getting every single event attendee to post as often as possible about your event.

What’s just as interesting as that the tweets about Social Media Marketing World weren’t all in English; while English was the most commonly used language, there were plenty of tweets in Spanish, French, and German, too.


Social media examiner world 2017

Social Media Examiner World 2017 Statistics


Similarly, people were tweeting about the event from all over the world, including Australia, Mexico, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the Phillipines.


Social media examiner world 2017

Social Media Examiner World Trending Topic 2017


We can also take a look and see which influencers and participants had the biggest social impact with their tweets about the event. While Social Media Examiner’s official account’s tweets about the event had the highest number of potential impressions at 182M, other big name influencers like Ryan Foland, Mari Smith, Hootsuite, Joshua Hager, Brian Fanzo, and Larry Kim could all bring in millions (yes, plural on the “millions”) impressions each.



Ironically, the individual tweets that had athe potential to bring in the most impressions did not necessarily come from the majority of these influencers. Some of the speakers at the event, including Mari Smith and Shelita Burke, had the most engagement on their tweets.


Social Media Examiner World 2017

Social Media Examiner World 2017


Our mention-tracking feature on our hashtag tool can also give incredible insight about not only who was contributing to the conversation, but what that conversation was about.


Conversation Social Media Examiner World 2017

Conversation Tags Social Media Examiner World 2017


This year saw an increase in mentions of live streaming and live video, Instagram, and artificial intelligence. This makes sense, since live video has exploded on multiple platforms instead a must-use tool for businesses, Instagram has risen to one of the top must-have social platforms for business, and the future of marketing is heavily tied to artificial intelligence (AI). This tags tool is a reminder that Social Media Marketing World keeps its attendance high by staying so relevant, addressing something new every year as the world of marketing changes rapidly.

2016 Recap

Last year’s Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW16) had a slightly larger social footprint on Twitter, with more tweets, participants, pictures, and potential impressions. This may be explained, however, by the declining use of Twitter by users in the past year as many switch over to the more video/image-centric and hashtag-friendly Instagram, instead.


Social Media Examiner World Statistics 2016

Social Media Examiner World Statistics 2016


There was, however, an increase in the number of tweets in different languages from 2016 to 2017, with only 131 tweets in Spanish in 2016 and 244 in 2017. This shows an expanding audience that is growing worldwide.


Social Media Examiner World 2017 Statistics

Social Media Examiner World 2016 Statistics


Both years showed massive engagement from all over the world in terms of where the hashtag was a trending topic.


Social Media Examiner World Trending Topic 2017

Social Media Examiner World Trending Topic 2016


There is some overlap in high-contributing participants that brought in a lot of interactions and potential impressions from both years. Social Media Examiner’s account took first prize for the largest impact, but users like Brian Fanzo, Kim Garst, Carlos Gill, and Joel Comm each had significant impressions, interactions, and overall engagement each year. They are clearly essential influencers that SMMW should always try to ensure attendance from.


Top Influencers and Participants Social Media Examiner World 2016

Top Influencers and Participants Social Media Examiner World 2016


And finally, with our tags tracking, we can see that 2016 had a much bigger focus on social media marketing platforms periscope, snapchat, and influencer marketing. This makes sense; UGC has now dominated as the new “influencer marketing” in the past year, and Facebook and Instagram’s new features have significantly reduced the important—and usage—of both Periscope and Snapchat.


Conversation Tags

Conversation Tags Social Media Examiner World 2016

Final Thoughts

Social Media Marketing World is one of the best marketing conferences in the world, so it’s no surprise that the social footprint from the event is massive year after year. As Metricool’s hashtag tracker proves, the event attracts some of the top industry influencers every year without fail, even if they aren’t speaking at the event. Clearly, they’re doing something well to not only maintain attendance but to get the kind of social engagement on a consistent basis; even for marketing conferences (where most attendees are advanced social media marketers), these numbers are high.

When it’s time to host an event for your business, remember to use Metricool’s tracking features to track your event’s hashtag in real-time. You can measure the reach, potential impressions, and engagement of this hashtag, along with top influencers and trending topic. Whether you’re having a small fundraising event with 35 people or an enormous conference with thousands, this feature can be used the same way and benefit your business.

Are you ready to track your next event with Metricool’s real-time hashtag tracker? Get started here!


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