Meta Adds Animated Avatar Stickers in WhatsApp

03 April 2024

Meta’s newest feature that they launched is animated stickers on WhatsApp. Not only are these stickers avatars of yourself, but they are now animated and doing all kinds of things. This was made to make interaction more fun. 

These animated stickers have been added to a plethora of other social media platforms such as Instagram Facebook Stories, and Reels, as well as Facebook comments, and message threads on Messenger and Instagram. 

How to Add Animated Avatar Stickers on WhatsApp

Adding your own animated avatar stickers on WhatsApp is easy just follow these simple steps: 

  • Navigate settings > Avatar > Create your Avatar
  • Select the stickers option and click on the ‘+’ icon

Why Did Meta Launch Animated Avatar Stickers on WhatsApp? 

As the Virtual Reality world grows exponentially, it is important for all apps to stay up to date with new features and not fall behind. Just as mentioned above, many apps already have animated avatar stickers, whats app followed this trend too. 

In the virtual reality and gaming world makes sense for apps to add more avatar features so that is why many apps are adding this feature. 

Will you be trying out this new feature on WhatsApp? 

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sophie sophie , 03 April 2024


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