Top Amazon Influencers in 2024

21 February 2024

Amazon has over 310 million active users and 64.5% of these users are a part of Amazon Prime, which is a paid subscription service that gives users access to additional services. Therefore, there is no argument that there is a lack of shoppers on the app. 

Amazon allows users to create their very own online shops on the platform. And just like many online shops, the goal is to be constantly driving people to their shop. Influencer marketing has helped online businesses exponentially with this. If your business on Amazon needs that extra push, Amazon influencers can be the perfect answer to your problem! 

So let’s take a look at all things Amazon influencers including a carefully curated list of Amazon influencers that are making a big difference for businesses. 

Amazon Influencer Program 

The Amazon Influencer Program is where content creators can sign up to provide recommendations to inspire their audience via social media. If you are a brand or a creator that wants to drive traffic to Amazon you can sign up here.

They accept applications from all types of influencers if they have a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account. They also take into consideration the number of followers and regular engagement metrics. 

After you are accepted, you can: 

  • Build a Storefront
  • Create content where you recommend products to your followers
  • Earn money! 

How To Find Amazon Influencers

If you are on the hunt for a perfect Amazon influencer to showcase your items, there are a few ways you can find them. 

  • Amazon Live: There is no actual search bar to locate all of the Amazon influencers out there, but this is a great start. Through Amazon Live you can watch influencers show off products and you can find influencers that align with your brand. 
  • #FoundItOnAmazon: Through this hashtag, you can also view a list of Amazon influencers and what they are about. You can also use this hashtag and narrow down your search using lots of subcategories. 
  • Influencer Marketplaces: An influencer marketplace allows like-minded brands and creators to find and quickly partner with one another. Brands submit campaign proposals to the marketplace and as registered influencers, creators can apply to programs they’re interested in.
  • Amazon Storefront Search: You can use the search function on Amazon to find Amazon Storefronts that sell products similar to your brand.
  • Google Search: If all of these tactics fail, you can always turn to the reliable Google. Simply start by searching ‘Amazon Influencers (your niche)’. 

Now that you know how to find them, let’s take a look at some top Amazon Influencers who are killing the influencer game right now. 

Amazon Influencers to Know in 2024

Ryan Mulvany

Ryan is known as Mr. Deals on his Amazon Storefront. Just as his name suggests, his content consists mostly of products with great prices, coupon codes, and items that are trending. He has partnered with several well-known brands including; Cerave, Aritzia, Kate Spade, and Kitchen Aid. 

Alix Earle

Alix is a very popular content creator and specializes in all kinds of content, one being Amazon Finds. Her Amazon Storefront is filled with all kinds of products from makeup to clothing, to technology that has helped her with her content-creating needs. Alix currently has 5.9 million followers on TikTok and 3.1 million followers on Instagram. Her followers are extremely loyal which makes her a great influencer. She is most active on TikTok which is also where she posts her Amazon hauls and links to her storefront. 

Rocky Barnes

Rocky is a well-known Influencer and uses her platform to showcase all the fashionable and trending products Amazon offers. Not only is she well-known for her blog, but she is also known for her unique and colorful wardrobe. She is also a proud mom so she also shares a good amount of items from children from clothes, to books, to everyday mom needs. She represents brands from Ouai, to Wolford, and more!

Stephanie Pernas 

Stephanie uses her social media platforms to let her followers on all her ‘Amazon finds’ she focuses on trying on hauls to show her followers the fit and look of each item. Stephanie does a great job making her online relationships with her followers feel authentic and real. In fact, she addressed her followers as her ‘Besties’ making her a very effective influencer. 

Sasha Fierce

Sasha is known as Simply Sasha Fierce on her social platforms, not to be confused with Beyonce’s Third album though. Sasha posts unboxing and try-on hauls daily where she shows her followers all her recent Amazon finds as she styles it together with accessories head to toe. She has worked with lots of brands from Pretty Little Thing, Laneige, and Kiehls. 

Harry Pupper

Harry is very unique, as he is one of the very few Fury friend influencers out there! Harry uses his platform to show all his ‘hooman’ friends his Amazon finds! He discovers the top-rated dog products that every dog owner needs. He promotes brands like The Coldest Water Dog Bowls, Uahpet Official, and even the Philadelphia Eagles!

Devyn Simone

Devyn titled her Amazon Storefront ‘Devyn Simone’s Gift Closet.’ She is not only an Amazon Influencer, but she also is a well-known dating and matchmaker expert. She is an internationally renowned dating expert and matchmaker whose skillful guidance has helped countless singles find and create happy sustainable relationships. She posts all kinds of deals from home decor, beauty essentials, fashion finds, and health and wellness products. Some examples of brands include; Temptations Cat food, Pelaton, and Turbotax. 

Amanda Reeder

Amanda titles her Amazon Storefront as ‘Pretty Little Style Blog.’ Amanda focuses her content on helping curvy or plus-sized people feel their best. She showcased her Amazon finds that offer inclusive sizing as well as home decor and home must-haves. 

Tiffany Allison

Tiffany is a well-known Amazon influencer who posts content regarding mostly trendy fashion finds and home essentials. She has a very neutral vibe and posts outfits and decor that fit her theme. You can find all her fashion items from Amazon and she works to help people find affordable clothing!

Jordyn Mannio

Jordyn is not only an Amazon Influencer who collaborates with many brands such as Princess Polly, Ep Jewels, Peta, and Jain to promote their products, but she also has her own merch. The catchphrase she uses a lot is “everything happens for a reason” and she has created sweatshirts with this phrase written on them. 

We hope that after this, you have a solid foundation of what Amazon Influencers are, how to find them, and some to look out for who is doing a great job. Influencer marketing has the ability to take your brand to new heights and even though Amazon is already quite popular, an influencer can get your brand the awareness you need! 

For more information on influencer marketing, be sure to click the button below: 

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