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Isabel Romero
6 October, 2021

As important as the picture, so is the caption for Instagram that accompanies the image. It will help the user who comes to your profile stay for a moment, like, share or comment on the post

Here are some caption ideas that you can apply on your posts.

Captions for Instagram photos

I am sure that more than once you have seen a post on Instagram accompanied by a phrase or caption that you love: a famous quote, a phrase from your favorite movie or a motivational quote to face the week.

Now is time for you to publish a striking caption that generates interactions with your followers and rest of Instagram users.

Here are several types of captions that you can add to your images to create the perfect post. Are you interested?

Famous quotes

They are a classic on the social network, they are quotes known by almost any ordinary user: from classic philosophers, sayings or proverbs that are part of our day to day.

You can use them as a piece of advice or as a reflection. These types of quotes or phrases always have a place in all kinds of profiles: from the most professional to the most casual.

captions for Instagram

Cultural captions

Raise your hand, those of you who have not taken advantage of the arrival of winter to write a post with the phrase ‘Winter is coming’. Guilty, right?

Phrases of cinema, series, songs or literature are a great resource to use on Instagram.

You can use the most famous ones, like the one mentioned before from ‘Game of Thrones’. However, if you belong to a specific niche, use some less known quotes that generate interactions in the community you are directing to.

captions for Instagram

Motivational quotes and captions

Perhaps you have already seen the photo of Sylvester Stallone running the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a motivational phrase next to it a thousand times right?

If so, it is because it works, it really does. These types of quotes help everybody to start off the day right.

Motivational phrases are suitable for almost any type of profile, but they work best for those with a personal brand, a fitness related business or entrepreneurs. 

captions for Instagram

Quotes and captions to reflect

Captions that awaken something in the readers are the ones that have the most opportunities to generate a like or an interaction. In this group are those that invite us to reflect on everyday aspects: love, work, health or friends.

If you accompany them with an elegant design or a good photograph, the ‘likes’ will arrive by themselves. From personal brand profiles, mindfulness or psychology, these publications reach any type of user.

captions for Instagram

Here are ideas for Instagram captions that can help you engage and build your community.

It is recommended that you consider the nature of your profile or Instagram account that you manage, whether it is yours or an external company.

Make sure the caption fits with the tone of the rest of your post and with the followers you are targeting.

Why should you consider the captions in your photos a key part of your strategy?

  • The accompanying text or the text of the image itself is the next thing they see after the image. If you manage to attract attention with an interesting caption, your chances of succeeding multiply. 
  • Generate interactions with your Instagram account: comments, likes, saves or privates sends to another person.
  • You can share your creative quotes in different places within your profile: the biography, captions or include them in the images themselves.

As you can see, paying attention to the captions or phrases you use on Instagram will increase interactions with your publications and increase your community.

What type of quotes or phrases can you use?

If you want to keep moving forward with Instagram:

And now tell us what is that memorable phrase that gives you goosebumps when you see it on Instagram or anywhere.

Isabel Romero


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