Cross-Posting Instagram to Threads 

09 May 2024

As we know Threads is directly connected to Instagram, but Meta has announced that they are now testing cross-posting from Instagram to Threads. 

Users will have the option to toggle this option for all their posts or just specific posts. We are unsure about how we feel about this new option. As we are all aware the content types on both platforms are different. Threads is much more of a text-based app whereas Instagram is known for being very visual, not to mention text-only posts are not possible on Instagram. 

How Will Cross-Posting Work? 

As of now this is in the testing stage and is only available to some users. But when it is available, users will be able to choose to cross-post from Instagram to Threads. When the user chooses to do so the caption of the Instagram post will become a text-based post on Threads and the hashtags will be converted to plain text.

This cross-posting feature was made available on Facebook a few months ago, so it is not shocking that this feature is being brought to Instagram as well. 

Why Cross-Post? 

As we know repurposing and cross-posting saves Social Media Managers and Content Creators lots of time when they do not have to come up with multiple different ideas and content for each and every platform. 

Cross-posting is a great way to save time and get your ideas in front of multiple audiences. But there are many things to keep in mind when cross-posting so that your content fits with each platform. As we are all aware, each platform has its own algorithms, trends, and features, so posting the same content across all platforms may not be the best strategy. 

There are some posts on Instagram that would translate well to Threads. For example, if your caption on Instagram has enough information that it does not need to be accompanied by a piece of media, then cross-posting may be a good idea! 

For more information on how to post on multiple platforms at once and cross-posting in general, be sure to check out our blog linked below: 

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