How to Use Instagram For Advanced Users 

21 July 2023

If you’re reading this blog it primarily means that you are pretty educated in the Instagram world and know how to utilize the basics. You could be here to learn more about the advanced settings and features Instagram offers and how you could use them for your personal growth or maybe even a business’s success in the digital marketing world. 

So let’s dive right in. How to utilize all that Instagram can do for you or your business.

Set Clear and Concise Goals 

When taking your Instagram presence to the next level, you want to set clear and concise goals you want to achieve. No matter if you are marketing yourself and want to gain a larger following on Instagram or if you are marketing a business or a brand, it is very important to start with a social media strategy with clear goals and objectives. 

After those goals are set, do your research on all of Instagram’s features and determine which of these features would help you achieve those goals. For example, if it is an influx of organic followers, consider posting a reel with a trending sound to show up on users’ feeds that may not follow you already! 

Post Often 

Creating consistent content can increase your chances of showing up in the Explore feed, being featured on another account, or appearing in the top search results for keywords you commonly use. 

Post different types of content to keep your audience engaged and interested. A good post should almost always contain a call to action or a way to engage with your audience. For example, calling your audience to go check out your website or asking a question your audience to answer in the caption can effectively increase your engagement. 

When followers are commenting or interacting with your content, it is equally as important to reply and engage with them back. This helps create a strong relationship with your audience. 


Running monthly or weekly reports can be extremely helpful to see what posts are doing well in terms of engagement, impressions, etc. Through reporting, you can easily tell which posts and types of content your audience rather see. 


With the rise of TikTok, the love for short and entertaining video content is exploding. Although Instagram began as a photo-heavy platform, videos are working their way to take the place of photos. 

Posting reels to trending sounds increases your likelihood of showing up on someone’s explore page in hopes it results in new followers. With trending sounds, Instagram came out with Reel Templates. Reel Templates allow you to easily create a reel by reusing elements from another reel you love. Just drop in your own videos and photos to save time and put your own creative spin on a reel. Kiss extra editing goodbye, the templates portion out your clips and can even make it sync to the sound easier. 

Instagram Highlights 

Out of all the stories you post over time, you can choose some to feature on your profile permanently. It is best to organize these into categories so that your followers can easily click on the past stories they want to interact with. 

Boost Posts or Run Ads

Although these both cost money, they have the power to get your content to new eyes that share an interest in the type of content you are sharing. Boosting your post or creating an ad gives you the opportunity to create a niche audience based on location, job, age, and even interests! 

Instagram has many advanced features has the ability to take your personal brand or your business to the next level! Start with these tips and see how far you’ll go!

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sophie sophie , 21 July 2023

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