LinkedIn Lauches Premium Company Page 

24 June 2024

LinkedIn unveils premium company pages to enhance business visibility and engagement.

LinkedIn has introduced new and improved Premium Company Pages. These new features aim to provide companies with enhanced tools for businesses on the app setting a new standard for professional networking.

What’s New with Premium Company Pages?

LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages are designed to offer a richer set of features that will help businesses maximize their presence on LinkedIn. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Custom CTA Buttons–  LinkedIn has curated new custom CTA buttons that help businesses generate more leads, auto-invite people who engage with your company Page or content frequently, provide you with insights for those who visit your page often, testimonial display, AI writing assistant tools for posts and even more.
  • Services Showcase Feature– The Services Showcase feature allows companies to create dedicated sections on their LinkedIn company page to display detailed information about the various services they provide. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with a broad range of services or those looking to highlight specialized offerings. 
  • Request Services– This is another custom button that users will be able to add to their bio, and their audience can click on this button to learn more about the services your business offers. This button could definitely help generate new leads in a quick and effective way. 
  • More AI- As we all know by now, AI is everywhere and LinkedIn is no different, With the new premium pages, come with new AI features as well. Users will be able to  find and reach potential business leads with custom invites, attach unlimited messages to connection requests, and use InMail to directly reach prospects through multiple channels. With the help of A.I. 

How Much Will It Cost? 

Currently, your LinkedIn Premium account starts at $99 but is cheaper if you pay annually. This price is pretty steep, but if you are getting the leads and results you want, it may be well worth the price! 

Will you be trying the new features? Let us know! 

If you want to continue bettering your presence on LinkedIn, be sure to check out our blog linked below on how to Create Custom LinkedIn Analytics Reports: 

sophie sophie , 24 June 2024


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