Custom LinkedIn Report with Metricool

17 March 2022

Have the analytics for your LinkedIn page under control? Don’t panic! With Metricool’s custom LinkedIn report, you’ll get your report in just one click.

Custom LinkedIn Reports with Metricool

There is no question that LinkedIn has become THE social media network for professional use. 

Even though we’re sure you share loads of content on your personal profile or company page, you have to assess the results of your hard work. 

What better way to measure and analyze your LinkedIn content strategy than with Metricool reports!

To get them fresh from the oven for your client, you will need a Metricool account. You can set one up here.



To connect LinkedIn to Metricool you need a Premium plan. 

Got it? Then let’s keep going.

1. Go into your Metricool dashboard.

2. Click on Evolution, one of the sections on the top menu.

3. In the left column, at the end, click on Reports.

4. Personalize your report however you want before downloading it:

  • Report language (available in English, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese or French).
  • Report template (personalized options only available with Team or Enterprise plans).
  • Choose LinkedIn (or other social media you have connected) and choose the number of rows to show on the tables in your report.
  • Add your client’s logo or yours.

5. Choose the format to download your report: PPT (PowerPoint) or PDF

6. Done! Metricool is already preparing your custom LinkedIn report. All you have to do is click on Download.

Another cool option if you want your report ready at the beginning of each month is to activate the automatic monthly report tab, right under previous downloads.

You can enter one or several emails to receive the report and add a personalized message. This way, your report will be sent out automatically at the beginning of each month.

💡 Metri Tip

Don’t lose any reports along the way. If you go to ‘Previous downloads’, you’ll see the last 10 reports you’ve created and can download them without waiting for them to load.

What is in the custom LinkedIn Report?

It’s very easy and you’re almost convinced that you need these reports. But what is in them, and why will you love them?

Get out your notebook and jot this down:

⭐️ Community growth

On the social media platform for networking, it’s essential to know how your community is evolving. 

The first section shows how many followers you have, how many paid followers are, there and how many posts you’ve made.

Does ‘more posts’ mean ‘more followers’? Or is post quality more important than quantity?

⭐️ Page reach

Intimately tied to growth and the number of posts, you also get an idea of the reach of your LinkedIn page.

In this case, Metricool gives you this information as the number of impressions and the number of posts shared. You also get a graph showing how this has changed over the past 12 months.

⭐️ Interactions

Interactions show how users have gotten involved with the posts you’ve shared.

So, you can measure the number of reactions, comments, clicks on links, and interactions in total. 

⭐️ Ranking of posts

This section is perfect to analyze posts in detail according to the type of format used in your publications. This includes photos, videos, links to other pages, etc.

It gives you a ranking of your posts using any parameter you want. With all the information at a glance you can analyze reactions, comments, impressions, clicks, engagement, and video views.

It is a great way to find out what type of posts works best so you can continue to grow your strategy.

linkedin custom reports

As you can see, having all the data about your LinkedIn performance is easy if you know how; and this is everything you get from the custom LinkedIn analytics reports with Metricool.

Want to learn more about this tool? Check out this Metricool mega tutorial that covers all its functions. 

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. 

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 17 March 2022


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