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14 December 2023

If your business has a website or blog, or both, creating content is just as important as analyzing your website performance. This will help you check how effective your content is, and measure how your strategy is working. This analysis is indispensable and essential to continue with your strategy. Metricool will make it easier to analyze website performance with intuitive graphs and easy-to-understand metrics.

Metricool has two different tabs within web analytics: Analytics and Real Time. You can find these tabs in detail below.

Website Analytics

Analyze all the information that really matters regarding the activity of your web or blog and improve your strategy. Monitor the evolution of page views, visits, visitors, posts and comments.

Analyze website performance day by day, in a very visual and simple way, comparing variables and getting important insights about the activity of your web or blog during a specific period of time.

View average values calculated by Metricool that will provide you with a general overview of your activity: daily page views, visits and visitors, page views per visitor, posts per week and comments per post.

Visitor Countries

Analyze which part of the world your visitors are from, with the objective to adapt and improve the way you talk to them.

Metricool puts together the number of visitors from each country and also the percentage proportion of each. In addition, if you click on a specific country from the list on the right, you can see the breakdown by regions.

Page Views and Traffic Source

In this section, you can see which pages have more views of your website and also the source of traffic that is visiting your web or blog. See where the majority of your traffic is coming from, and if you can leverage these platforms to increase traffic.

Real Time

In the top right corner of the page, you will see an “Analytics” tab as well as a “Real Time” tab. Whereas the analytics shows your overall analytics in the given period, real time follows the activity of your website or blog at that moment.

Want to know how many users are on your website right now? You can obtain the number of visitors in real time, Metricool updates this screen automatically.

You can also find out the number of page views and visitors in the last 30 minutes, and from where they are tuning in. This will even show which pages they have visited.

You can also view info from the day, and the last 24 hours. See your traffic over the last 24 hours, and which pages have had the highest visitors. Also, find out which countries your visitors of the day are from. You can also check the results of specific actions the same day they took place, helping you to get conclusions, adapt and improve your strategy on the fly.

Website Analytics With The Metricool App

Did you know that you can also monitor how your website or blog is performing from your phone? Download the app 👇🏻👇🏻

Customized Website Reports with Metricool

This is one of the most important advantages that Metricool has to offer in comparison with other similar tools. Metricool creates automatic analytics reports for your website or blog, downloadable in PDF or PPT format. You can even add analytical data for your social media profiles, select a template, choose color themes, and add your brand or client’s logo.

Want to automate this monthly? Toggle on the “Automatic monthly report” option and add the email addresses of who you want to send this to, with a personalized note. Your client reports just got that much easier. Besides the high level of professionalism, the reports will help you track your strategies and objectives.

Web analytics reports with metricool

A reminder that reporting in Metricool is a Premium feature. There are multiple other powerful features included with our Premium plans, including LinkedIn connection, management of multiple brands, analysis of up to 100 competitors, ability to plan more content, and access to analytics with unlimited historical data.

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