8 LinkedIn Tips to Grow your Profile

29 September 2023

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals where companies look for the best candidates to offer them a job. Having a profile on this platform is a step forward to professionalizing your CV online.

This is why, it is crucial to keep your profile active in order to grow your presence on this network and therefore, reach those companies that might be looking for professionals like you.

LinkedIn currently has over 875 million members according to the data from LinkedIn themselves.

The competition to stand out amongst other profiles is high. So, how can you increase the impact on this social network and improve your profile?

Here in this article you will find priceless marketing tips to apply on LinkedIn and thrive.

Let’s go!

Stay Consistent

The LinkedIn algorithm favors consistency, which can help rank your content and grow your social media presence for either your company or personal profile.

On the other side, if you neglect your profile and it looks obsolete, your brand or yourself won’t present active or professional.

Adjust the Length of Your LinkedIn Posts

You don’t need to limit your character count, like on Twitter. However, this is neither your personal journal, where you can include long paragraphs in your texts like on Facebook. If its too long, your readers will lose interest in your publications.

The ideal length on LinkedIn is between 100 and 200 words. This is enough to share valuable information and at the same time, be an easy read for your audience.  

Remember to include spaces, emojis or unicode characters to make the text easy to read and scan.

Add Images and Videos

Another useful tip for LinkedIn is to publish native images. What does this mean? It consists of uploading a photo instead of just showing the preview of the link you share. 

Choose an image, add a text and then a link. Your post will have a bigger impact on this social network.

Videos are also favored across all social media platforms, so try adding these to your strategy.

Include Hashtags

The use of hashtags # helps your content to be found. It also helps to know what keyword is trending at the moment to try to position your post in the search results of this network.

You can use free tools such as Semrush, Google Trends, and Google Search Console to see what topics are trending and what users are searching for.

However, carefully select the hashtags that you are going to add and don’t include more than 4 or 5. Remember that this is a professional social platform, not Instagram.

Edit and Complete your Profile

If you have either a personal profile or a company page, we recommend that your profile is properly updated with all the information that you can provide.

At the end of the day, it’s about being active and to prove your authority. Include podcasts, videos, your career information and reviews.

The more complete your profile is, the better.

Reply to Messages

You can build stronger relationships with your audience if you reply to messages and be there to ask questions, respond to feedback, and help solve issues.

Plus, if you want an even easier way to manage all your social media messages in one place, you can use Metricool’s inbox management, to answer messages from all social media networks. Learn more about it below.

Share/Repost Useful Information

The content included in your articles, reports or interviews must be related to your target audience or followers. It’s important that they know what your specialization is.

Also, you can reach more people if you mention the page that the article is from. Your post could go viral if the page decides to share your posts on their wall.

Reposting other valuable resources is also a great way to start conversations with followers and network even further.

These are some of the tips that you can start applying on your company page or personal profile to grow your presence and thrive on this social network.

Increase your visibility on LinkedIn, keep your profile active and reach a larger audience.

Utilize Polls, Articles, and Events

LinkedIn has a lot of options to promote your brand’s marketing efforts. One of these being polls, which is an easy way to boost engagement.

Articles are also a great option for sharing long-form content such as blog posts, news, important information, etc.

Lastly, if you host live videos on social media such as YouTube, you can create an event page and link to the stream!

These are 8 LinkedIn tips that you can take back to your LinkedIn strategy and improve your content.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 29 September 2023


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