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09 June 2021

The great social network for professionals keeps growing in users and interactions and already has over 300 million active users per month, 40% of which visit it daily

LinkedIn`s focus is not on receiving likes and comments like other social platforms rather it is mainly used for:

✅ Keeping an online curriculum vitae where users can share their career trajectory and successes. 

✅ Sharing articles about business or related to your job.

✅ Creating a professional network to chat and talk about business.

Planning content is an essential part for any social network, either for a company page or personal brand. 

So, how can you optimize results with good planning? 

You will find the answer on Metricool.

Learn how to use Metricool and discover how it can help you grow and design your digital marketing strategy.

What is Metricool?

You can summarize what Metricool is in a few words: a tool that lets you manage your social accounts and profiles. 

But is this all that Metricool has to offer? Not at all, with Metricool you can accomplish much more:

👉🏻 Program and plan your content on the social profiles you manage.

👉🏻 Analyze the performance of your content in real time and other time ranges.

👉🏻 Run ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads.

In a nutshell, these are Metricool’s features. On this post, we will focus on how to manage LinkedIn with Metricool and how it can help you with all its features.

Metricool Features for LinkedIn

Let’s get into business, what can you do with LinkedIn on Metricool?

First things first:

👉🏻 Set up an account or connect with Twitter or Facebook to start using Metricool.

👉🏻 If you click on Manage Connections  on the left sidebar menu, you can connect your LinkedIn personal profile or company page.

Managing a LinkedIn personal profile or company page, as well as managing several brands in the same account is only available for premium plans. From our Starter plan, from 14€ per month or 18€ per month, you can connect your LinkedIn profile to Metricool.

Do you have your LinkedIn account connected?

Now it’s time to discover what you can achieve with Metricool and LinkedIn together.

Plan your LinkedIn content

How many times have you published your posts only to realize afterwards that you forgot to publish one that you expected would receive many interactions?

Metricool offers a visual calendar where you can program your content at any date and time to prevent this from happening.  

It is as simple as writing the text, adding the links and multimedia elements and selecting the date and time that you want your posts to be published.

Once you have programmed your content, you will be able to focus on other areas and tasks. 

Add CSV files

Planning manually can be an option if you only publish one post a day. However, what can you do if you need to program several posts and for several customers?

✅ Through the option ‘Add from file (CSV)’, you can fill out a template (provided by Metricool) with all the information related to the posts that you want to program.    

This method allows you to publish your posts in bulk saving your priceless time.

If you manage several clients, you need to upload a CSV file per client.

Posts History

On this tab you can control all the posts published and pending to be published. At a glance, you will be able to check the status of each post.

You can organize the information by date, from newer to older, and check on which social networks your posts are programmed. Also, Metricool provides the link of the posts published to check them out in the platform itself.


Metricool’s autolists are a great feature to create content effortlessly. 

For instance, if you are busy with a project for a couple of weeks, you can leave your posts programmed in an autolist and focus on your project with the peace of mind that your content is well taken care of. 

You can create posts to be programmed at different days of the week and the time of your choice. For example if you want a post to be published every Monday at 2pm, you can do it with our autolists.

Also, you can make this lists recurring, that is, when an autolist gets to the end, it will start all over again. 

You can add content to an autolist, manually, through an RSS feed from your blog or website or through a CSV file.

Evolution and metrics

Analyzing and understanding how your strategy is performing is crucial to planning the next weeks.

Metricool provides you with a complete performance analysis of your activity on LinkedIn. 


You will get an overview of your LinkedIn account in the period of time of your choice.

➡️ Number of followers, does it increase or decline?

➡️ Paid followers

➡️ Total impressions received in the period of time selected

➡️ Number of publications in the time frame selected.

LinkedIn Community Analytics Metricool


Is your strategy getting the results that you expected? Do you receive as many interactions as you were looking for?

In this section, you will discover if your community is interacting with your publications:

➡️ How many likes and comments you obtained with your publications in a specific period of time.

➡️ Clicks that your audience made on your publications.

➡️ Publications that have been posted in the period of time analyzed that will give you an idea of how many posts you should plan in the calendar.

Posts Ranking

You will be able to analyze your posts organized in a table, and sort them with the likes obtained by default.

You can organize the order of the table depending on the metric you are focused on, that is, sorted by impressions, comments received, etc.

Generate reports for LinkedIn

If you work for several customers, they will love Metricool’s reports.

You can download a report in PDF or PPT in the time range of your choice and show the social networks that you select. 

✅ Logo: You can add your own logo in the reports and if you are subscribed to a Advanced plan, you can create your own templates to fully personalize your reports.

Give your clients more reasons to keep working with you with Metricool’s help.

LinkedIn accounts management

Are you a social media manager and do you work with multiple businesses? If you need to manage different brands from one account, Metricool makes it easy.

✅ With a Starter, the smallest of our plans that allows you to manage LinkedIn, you can manage up to 10 LinkedIn pages.

You can increase the number of pages with our different plans: Advanced, 25 pages and Enterprise 50. If you need to manage more pages, it is possible, you can contact us to better understand your needs. 

Now you know how to manage LinkedIn with Metricool. Do you want to join us?

We will read your questions in the comment section.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 09 June 2021


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