TikTok Notes App

11 April 2024

TikTok has been known for its short-form video content, but with their new TikTok Notes app they are doing a full 360. This sounds very familiar to Instagram, but this is not shocking since TikTok and Instagram are constantly copying one another. 

Video content has been all the craze but with new apps like this does this mean photos are making a comeback? Only time will tell! 

What is TikTok Notes App? 

As we already know, a format on TikTok that has become popular is carousel photo posts, so the new app makes sense. This feature is in the very early stages, but some users have received a popup when posting images only posts on TikTok that alerts them of this upcoming Notes app. 

Soon when all users post photo-only content, you will have the choice to cross-post to the TikTok Notes app as well. 

As of right now the site: https://notes.tiktok.com/ just shows you a teaser of what the app might look like: 

The question is, will this app become popular, do we see many users utilizing this app for photo-only content and will photos be making a big comeback in the near future? 

We will be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for updates be sure to update this blog when we hear any updates. 

sophie sophie , 11 April 2024

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