What is the Twitch Partner Program

15 November 2022

The Twitch Partner Program is the next level you can reach as a streamer on the platform.

Only members chosen by Twitch can access it after having been analyzed, meeting the requirements and already being a platform affiliate.

How do you become a partner on Twitch? What are the benefits of the Twitch Partnership Program? Read below to find out how to become a partner on twitch.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

If you’ve already met the requirements to be an affiliate, which you can check here, you’re all set for the next step: partnership on Twitch.

What are the platform’s requirements to become a Twitch partner?


Before doing the math and figuring out that you can’t become a partner, you should know that you must meet these 3 requirements within the same 30-day period. 

✅  Stream on Twitch for at least 25 hours

✅  Stream on 12 different days

✅  Get an average of 75 viewers on your channel 

Bear in mind that premieres, replays, subscriber streaming, hosts, and raids don’t count towards the Twitch Partnership Program. What you get in this content doesn’t count towards becoming a partner.

You can meet these requirements through hard work. Find out if you’re on the right track in the Achievements section, where you have to fill out ‘The Path to Partner’. 

▶️ The Achievements section is found on the creator Dashboard >> Insights >> Achievements.

Does this ensure you’ll become a Twitch partner?

Even if you meet these requirements, Twitch assesses each of the aspects of your channel and decides whether you deserve to become a Twitch Partner within a few days. That is, you don’t become a partner automatically.

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Now that you know what a Twitch partner is, what are the benefits for your streaming?

Advantages of Being a Twitch partner

Have you been streaming and working on your content for some time? You’re closer to becoming a Twitch partner!

If you’re persistent with your channel and look after your community, the Twitch partnership program is worth it in itself, but it doesn’t hurt to learn about the benefits of leveling up on the platform.

✅ Channel profitability

As a Twitch partner, you have several ways of monetizing the content on your channel.


Viewers can buy a subscription to your channel at 3 different levels, each with different benefits and prices: $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99.

They can also do it through a subscription to Prime Gaming.


Bits are virtual coins that Twitch users buy in order to send Cheers in your channel.

Twitch rewards the streamers 1 cent per each Bit acquired with each user purchase.


You can earn profits through advertising, which the stream themselves can edit on the Dashboard.

✅ Channel customization

Thanks to Twitch partnership program, you can customize your channel so viewers and subscribers feel at home there.


As a streamer, you have the chance to create customized badges for your subscribers, each at their own subscription levels, as well as badges for bits and cheermotes.


Twitch partners have up to 50 slots for personalized emoticons according to the number of points per subscriber they have earned.

Lifetime subscriptions. 

Twitch Partners have up to three-lifetime subscriptions for family members or friends. This type of subscription is indefinite and cannot be canceled, and they come with no economic benefit.

✅ Other features

In addition to having these monetary and customization benefits for your channel, being a Twitch partner also involves other advantages.


Twitch keeps the content broadcasted on the platform for 60 days so that users can enjoy it whenever they want. 


Twitch partners have priority support, and they will receive a response to inquiries within 1-2 workdays.


Transcoding of your live streams enables viewers to choose the optimal quality they want to use to watch it. For slow Internet connections, the quality of your streaming may be decreased to avoid problems.

Twitch Partner vs. Affiliate: Differences

Are there major differences between being a Twitch partner vs. affiliate?

The fact is that there aren’t. The main difference is in the customization of your channel, which enables you to better connect with your community.

There are also other aspects to consider such as:

▶️ Support: Twitch Partners get priority support, whereas affiliates have to queue.

▶️ Storage: Partners’ content is stored 60 days, whereas affiliates’ content is stored just 14 days.

▶️ Verification: The channel’s username automatically earns the verification badge when becoming a partner.

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Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 15 November 2022


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