What is Networking and why do it if you are a Social Media Marketing Professional?

Toñi Rodriguez
18 August, 2020

In my opinion, Networking is one of the most important actions you can take with any marketing strategy.

This strategy consists of connecting with professionals from within your same sector, to find possible collaborations and to create effective synergies amongst your peers.

In our case, establishing links with other social media marketing professionals can greatly benefit us in order to experience continuous improvement in our professional activity.

We are experiencing an unprecedented stage of digital transformation and we must take advantage of this opportunity.

This year in 2020, with the current Covid-19 situation, networking has been based on online sessions. Just as with networking in person, the aim of networking digitally is to increase our network of contacts.

By reading this post you will know what networking is and why you should do it if you are a Social Media Marketing Professional.

Let ‘s get started!

What is Networking?

Networking would be defined literally as “working your network of contacts”.

It consists of entrepreneurs and professionals coming together to create and develop business opportunities, share information and search for potential clients. 

We must analyze the marketing and social media events and conferences that interest us the most, and to take advantage of the strategy we have created. After the presentations, the time that is dedicated to exchanging business cards facilitates this networking technique for attendees, creating opportunities to make contacts, which could lead us to future clients. And if you don’t take advantage and you stay in your house, you’ll miss out…as there is a lot of competition.

In other words, these moments of networking are of great value, to make professional contacts with those with common interests to ours in order to create synergies and collaborations for our business.

Whichever phase you are in with your project or business, networking will have a positive impact. At the very least you will generate contacts, some of which may be your collaborating partners in the future, as was the case with our experience.

Keep reading! 

Why network if you are a Social Media Marketing professional?

The benefits of networking meetings are clear. If you have currently finished your studies, you are in a position to seek collaborations, or whichever stage of your project, networking is in your interest

The first thing that networking brings you is an overview of the market you are facing and its competition.

If you decided a while ago to start an online business as a freelance professional, it is also highly recommended that you attend events and conferences, because the best digital marketing agencies move in these circles to find and hire talent.

One of the main objectives of online networking is the possibility of increasing recognition as subject matter experts, promoting business opportunities and creating effective connections between professionals.

And finally, if you are an Online Marketing Agency, you must also be active in networking since companies are also there to initiate future projects.

We will be able to find investment partners for our project, contributing more capital to our business.

Social networks are a very appropriate channel for networking.

We are going to explain them with real examples, easy to understand…

Networking Examples

Attending events related to your business is very advantageous. You will notice how many people you meet, and who knows, maybe a new partner, service provider, or even a friend is among them.

Marketing conferences and events

I have to tell you something: we have benefited from all of the networking events we have been to, if not instantly, in the medium or long term. Mixing with the professionals in your circle can generate a very profitable relationship for both parties.

And real friendships can develop, such as with my friend and social media partner, May López.

Delighted to have met such a great woman and professional, thanks to #networking.

And I will continue going to all the Marketing and SEO events that I can, based on the advantages that it generates;

So, if you stay at home and don’t participate, none of these relationships will happen and it’s very unlikely that anyone will seek you out on their own. 

This year, for example, would have been the third time that we would attend Seoplus, the most important SEO event of the year. But unfortunately due to the coronavirus situation in which we find ourselves, it has been suspended..

With these types of marketing events, a period of time is always dedicated to networking, normally referred to as a “networking moment” in the events agenda.

Courses and Workshops

Just like when you attend Marketing conferences, if you are doing a course or you are going to be part of a face-to-face workshop, you should participate in networking.

Create an elevator pitch, which is nothing more than making a concise speech that describes your business idea in two minutes.

Describe your product or services and professional objectives in a brief way. This description can serve as an introduction and guide to the courses and workshops you attend and will help you take advantage of effective networking.

Bring business cards that display your contact details and website.

How to Make Networking Online-Ideas Effective 2020

The importance of relating to people in your sector is to help you establish synergies in the digital world. By networking online we can get to know ideas and tools, and create new business opportunities.

Yes, but how?

We give you some ideas of how to network online in 2020.

Social Networks

Both on Facebook and with Facebook groups, you can connect with people and professionals in your sector. Sometimes it will be to sell your Social Media Marketing services and other times to seek collaborations or employees and hire them.

It has happened to me before, when I started a project and I was unable to cover it on the day that the client requested. Thanks to networking, I was able to refer the work to another social media manager and the client ended up satisfied with the work and deadlines.

Today, Facebook groups are very effective for good online networking. 

Also, with through Instagram or private messages through Twitter you can connect with professionals, promoting interaction between business.

And of course, the professional network LinkedIn, is ideal for online networking. When starting a conversation, I recommend that you do it thoughtfully, don’t spam people. First focus on establishing a good relationship and then you can ask about professional objectives or collaborations. Try not to scare them off by peppering them with questions and requests before the relationship is established.

In case you haven’t heard of it, you can also take advantage of the About.me platform. It is one of the simplest in the world of networking, since it is based on showing you as a brand, it works as an online business card.

It allows you to link the URL of each of your personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)..

This way it will be easier to find you and through it you can tell who you are and what services or products you offer.

Online training

If you have chosen this year to do an online course, you will have seen that work groups are created amongst the students. You find professionals with whom you end up connecting and even working together on a project together.

Guest Post

It is a way of networking online with double benefits, on the one hand, you establish contact with the person for whom you are going to write the post and then you disseminate your content.

An example, this is what I’m doing right now on the Metricool blog with this article. 

I have written this post on their blog as a guest, hoping they notice me and that I might be able to collaborate with them, as Social Media Manager or with Content Marketing in the future…I hope it is not too far away. All thanks to networking.

Conclusion for why Networking is important

Hopefully it has become clearer to you, what Networking is and why you should do it if you are a Social Media Marketing Professional?

The idea is at moments of conventions and meetings, and in all those who have the opportunity to speak with other Social Media Marketing professionals, provide who you are and what you need to cover with your services.

If you have any questions, I’ll wait for your comments.

And you, do you network?

Toñi Rodriguez


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