Best Time to Post on LinkedIn 

14 June 2024

To get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s important to know when to share your posts. With over 900 million members, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for staying on top of industry news, finding jobs, hiring talent, and connecting with professionals.

There are a few things to keep in mind when timing your posts. But research shows there are some universal best practices for when to post on LinkedIn. Read on to learn the best days and times to share your content on the professional platform.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn – By Day of the Week

When deciding when to post on LinkedIn, it’s always important to consider the unique dynamics of each day. While individual factors like audience demographics and location can influence engagement, here are some general guidelines to help you optimize your posting schedule.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Monday 

The best time to post on LinkedIn on Monday is between 9am and 11am. As the workweek begins, people tend to be busy until mid-morning, when they take short breaks to catch up on social media.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Tuesday

For Tuesday, aim for 8am to 10am. Many users scroll through their feeds early in the morning.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Wednesday

The most active time on LinkedIn on Wednesdays is during lunch breaks, typically around 12pm.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Thursday

Post on Thursdays between 10am and 12pm. Audiences tend to be active in the morning and late afternoon.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Friday

The best time to post on Fridays is 11am to 12pm. People may take a social media break during lunch, but still scroll through LinkedIn before the rest of the day.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Saturday

For Saturdays, post between 6pm and 9pm. Users often check their feeds before their busy nights.

Best time to post on LinkedIn – Sunday

The best time to post on Sundays is 6pm to 9pm. As the weekend winds down, people prepare for the upcoming week by catching up on LinkedIn.

Best Day to Post on LinkedIn

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the best days to post on LinkedIn. This is because people are more likely to check the professional platform during their work hours earlier in the week, and businesses tend to post more during these times.

Worst Days to Post on LinkedIn

On the other hand, Saturdays and Sundays are generally the worst days to post on LinkedIn. People tend to avoid checking work-related platforms during their weekends, and most businesses don’t post during non-work hours.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn By Industry 

To maximize your engagement on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to understand the best posting times for your specific industry. Here are five industry categories and the optimal times to post for each:

Best Time to Post for Restaurants 

For restaurants, the sweet spot is Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm. If you’re sharing important updates like job openings, posting during this time can yield the best results.

Best Time to Post for Media 

The media industry peaks on Wednesdays at 11am. The middle of the week and morning hours are ideal for reaching your audience.

Best Time to Post for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, the best time to post is Tuesday at 10am. Early morning and early in the week are the best times to share your content.

Best Time to Post for Consumer Goods

For consumer goods, Mondays at 10am are the best posting times. Early mornings and earlier days of the week are ideal for reaching your audience.

Best Time to Post for Education

Teachers and educators tend to check their LinkedIn feeds early in the morning on Fridays at 6am. Posting during this time can help you reach your audience before the end of the school week.

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Best Time to Post on LinkedIn FAQ’s 

If you have any further questions about the best time to post on LinkedIn, we’ve curated some frequently asked questions and answers below:

Is it Bad to Post on LinkedIn at Night? 

While posting consistently on LinkedIn isn’t a bad idea, posting at night won’t get your posts the highest engagement. We’ve found that posting earlier in the day and earlier in the week yields better results. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, most users are active during work hours.

What is the LinkedIn Golden Hour? 

The term “golden hour” refers to the first 60 minutes after a post is shared on the platform. This is the most critical time frame for your post because LinkedIn’s algorithm analyzes your post information to determine its success. It’s vital to measure the relevance and quality of your post during this time.

How Often Should I Post on LinkedIn? 

According to LinkedIn, you should post 1 to 5 times per week. They recommend specific types of content for each week:

  • 1 to 3 short-form posts per week
  • 1 to 2 long-form articles per month (bi-weekly posting)
  • Avoid similar topics within a given week
  • Create relevant content for your industry
  • Include CTAs in short-form posts and long-form articles
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