Prompts to create content with AI

Do you want to learn how to create content with artificial intelligence? The answer lies in having a good tool to help you achieve this, such as Metricool, and using the right prompts. 

That’s why we’ve prepared this post with everything you need about using artificial intelligence to your advantage. 

What are AI prompts? 

Let’s start at the beginning… 

What are prompts? Prompts are the requests that users make when using artificial intelligence tools. In other words, the way in which a human communicates with the AI. 

The more clear you are in your prompts, and the more precise you are when making the request, the better the results AI will give you. 

In order to create quality content, you will have to help the tool understand your request, so that the results are as good as possible. 

So, what does a good prompt look like to create content with AI?

What should a prompt include?

We have already mentioned how important it is to create the right prompt since the AI results will depend on this. 

And therefore, the content that you are going to create later for social media. 

What are the strengths of a good prompt for creating content with artificial intelligence? 

  • Clarity: The key point is to be clear in the proposal you send to send the AI-generated content from stearing too far away from your idea. 
  • Context: Providing context to the AI is key to receiving the best results and being consistent with your request. 
  • Specificity: To avoid any confusion, it is important to be as specific as possible in your message. For example, it is not the same to request a “text about how to gain followers” as “a text about how to gain followers on TikTok” 

It is also important to take into account the type of artificial intelligence you are working with. For example, in Metricool you can choose the length and tone of the text, to specify what format you want your content to be. 

Do you want to know more about Metricool’s AI text generator? 

How to create content with AI

Now comes the fun part… how can you create content with artificial intelligence through these prompts?

By entering specific prompts, and using Metricool’s AI text generator that works with OpenAI… 

We have prepared a list with several examples of effective prompts for your social media copy. 

Prompts for AI-generated content 

This is one of the fundamental aspects of AI and text generation because it helps users generate new ideas in times when creativity is lacking. 

The formula topic: specific request + specific content + social network is a basic structure to follow and is always reliable. 

I want a text about the requirements for earning money on TikTok for LinkedIn. 

There you see the concrete requests (a text), about the requirements for earning money on TikTok (specific content) + for LinkedIn (social network)

  • I need [number] of tips to increase interactions on [social network]. 
  • I want [number] of ideas on how to gain followers on [social network]. 
  • Create a list with [number] points about what it takes to stream content on Twitch. 
  • [Number] of features about omnivorous animals for [social network]. 
  • I want a [300-character] blog post about the size requirements of Reels on Instagram.
  • I need a description for [YouTube] video about [number] tips to grow on Twitch.
  • I want a script for [YouTube] about strategies to improve engagement on [social network].
  • I want an idea for [TikTok] with the differences between Reels and TikTok videos. 
  • I need a list of factors involved in the [TikTok] algorithm. 

Prompts for Twitter 

Twitter is a social network where you need to be cautious of text lengths more than ever due to its characters limit. 

With Metricool’s text generator, you can limit this option through the length of the text. 

If you want to create content with artificial intelligence on Twitter, here are some ideas: 

  • I need a bio for Twitter about being a social media manager. 
  • I want an ALT text to describe a photograph of a computer with a coffee next to it. 
  • I need a tweet thread about the steps to create an account on Twitter.
  • Create a text about the importance of hashtags on Twitter. 
  • I want a list with [number] must-have apps for scheduling and analyzing social media content. 

Prompts for Instagram 

On Instagram, you need to take advantage of the different formats and resources provided by the social network. 

In each format, you need to publish different, fresh content. So how can AI help you create this content? 

Here are some prompts: 

  • I need a [post] with [five] hooks to keep my audience engaged for a Reel. 
  • I want a [title] for my Reel about [tips for growing on Instagram]. 
  • Create a [post] with [five] steps to [optimize your Instagram profile]. 
  • I need a [title] for a live Reel about the [importance of hashtag use on Instagram].
  • Create a for a video about trending Instagram Reels. 

One of the coolest advantages of creating content with AI in Metricool is this: do you have a link? Then you have new content. 

With Metricool’s AI content generator, you can request a text by providing a link. 

Let’s take a look at a few prompts: 

  • I want a post for [social network] about this link [link].
  • I need a thread of tweets from this link about engagement [link].
  • Create a title for [social network] based on the content of this link [link].
  • I need a summary for [social network] about this link [link].
  • Write a list of key takeaways from this link [link] for [social network].

Notice how many opportunities you have for this option, from having a summary of a topic, to creating a title, or even a list.

Prompts to reuse content on social media

A super common practice in social media and content generation is to reuse content from one social network to another. 

However, it can be hard to know how exactly to tweak content that is suitable for a different network. But here we have a solution for you. 

These prompt examples can help you create fresh content across all social networks:

  • Transform this [social network] post into a Twitter thread + [link]. 
  • Create a title for a [YouTube] video from this tweet thread + [link] 
  • With this YouTube script, create a text for [social network]. 
  • Turn this [TikTok] copy into a post for [LinkedIn]. 

These are the prompts that we have come up with, to create content with AI from Metricool. As you can see, you can edit and adapt any of these prompts to your niche, services, etc. 

If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below! 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 12 May 2023

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