How to Edit Threads Posts

08 April 2024

Can you edit a Threads post? It looks like Meta has listened and now you’ll find a Threads post editing feature. Some users are starting to see an edit option in the Threads app.

Finally! Is there a catch though?

Similar to other platforms, there is a time limitation on editing. You have up to 5 minutes after publishing to go in and make changes to your Threads.

Straight from the threads Thread account themselves ⬆️

Making an edit to a Threads post is actually pretty simple, as seen in this example.

How to Make Edit to Your Threads Post

Head to the Thread you want to edit and click on the three dots. From there you will see the edit option as well as the time frame you have left to make edits. The timer will count down the 5 minutes so that users are aware of just how much time they have.

Timed edit option

While some people aren’t thrilled about the time limit, we’ve seen this before with X (Twitter) and it more than likely won’t change due to how easily short-form content can be altered with some small tweaks.

However, in order to make editing as transparent as possible, users will see when a Thread has been edited. Beside the timestamp, a little edited icon will appear. Clicking on the icon will prompt a message saying that the Thread has been edited.

It’s too soon to say if there will be more changes coming to the editing feature or if they will make the editing timeframe longer. At least for now, you’ll be able to catch mistakes and make any fixes even if it is on a time crunch.

If you have been wanting to get on Threads, maybe now is a good time to start.

Alex Caceres Alex Caceres , 08 April 2024
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