How to create eye-catching titles

06 May 2021

How to make eye-catching titles?

The typical empty titles that sound the same do not arouse interest: We are number one, You cannot miss out, More and better.

There are titles that no longer make anyone react and sound like blah, blah, blah in the mind of your potential client.

Create eye-catching, engaging, unique and compelling titles. 

It is the first step to get them to read your content, buy your products, take your brochure or even click on your results in Google (the famous CTR).

Eye-catching titles types

The titles are present in your day to day much more than you think: brochures, press, television, email subjects, results in Google.

There are several types of titles:

Illustrative and Informative

It is very generic, widely used within the journalistic news genre.

Talk about the general topic of the news story using the 5 Ws (what, why, who, when and where). It does not go into specific or sensational details.

The latest study of social networks indicates that Facebook is the winning network with respect to active users.

eye-catching titles


Appeal to the emotions that the news itself can generate. They are usually titles that do not need to explain the post article or news. Well, it is a fact well known by the audience.

Zuckerberg is the champion. He has done it again.


They are titles made with word games, claims or slogans. Unless the news is well known, explanatory subtitles should be added.

With Declarations

A title can contain the statement of a person who appears in the article itself. It can also be a quote or phrase from the character in question.

The King lowered his gaze: “I’m sorry, I was wrong”

eye-catching titles

Last names

They usually use specific data related to the content that the reader is going to find interesting, and are usually made up of sensational details of an emotional nature for a striking effect.

Zuckerberg’s Romances

eye-catching titles

The title is the first attractor of readers, clicks or potential buyers. With a title you play it. They have the power to make a user enter your website, read your email or cause that visit to flee.

What types of titles do you want to create? The flashy ones or the boring ones?


Learn to create eye-catching titles that get more interaction from your potential readers.

Tricks for creating eye-catching titles

Write down the following tips to create attractive titles, ones that capture the attention of your readers / buyers. 

Activate the reptilian brain that your subscribers carry inside

The reptilian brain responds to the most basic and primary instincts (hunger, thirst, sleep, perpetuation of the species).

Wake up the reptilian brain with your email subjects and make the user react. You will feel threatened or endangered and will have no choice but to keep reading.

✓ They are cheating on you and you believe it

Use negations

Subjects with the negative form also perform 63% better than positive ones. Here you have the Outbrain study where this data is demonstrated.

✓ Don’t read this article 

eye-catching titles

Create unlikely comparisons

When you make a rare and unexpected comparison in the title it makes the reader react.

Something does not fit him and he feels an uncontrollable desire to click to discover the reason for this comparison.

✓ The reasonable resemblance between Frank Underwood and Content Marketing.

Arouse curiosity

Human beings are curious by nature. If you are able to arouse curiosity, you can get more interactions with your content.

Use questions, leave a sentence in the middle, do not reveal everything in the title. They are little tips that will help you arouse curiosity and seem irresistible.

The most uncomfortable truth that I have to confess is..

eye-catching titles

Numbering and lists

Numbered lists and titles provide your reader clarity about what they are going to find. They perceive that the information will be structured and will be easier to read.

The 7 deadly sins that can ruin your social media strategy

eye-catching titles

Activate the principle of authority

So and so has already done this. Use the name of a famous person in your industry, this will arouse curiosity and activate the principle of persuasion of authority.

The creator of Amazon and the key to the success of this Market Place

People are more willing to accept something that an authority figure suggests.

If Angelina Jolie has taken the step, you can too

Activate social proof

People feel more predisposed to perform an action when they know that a large number of people have already performed it.

Use social proof within your titles, in addition to activating motivation you will also generate curiosity.

All your neighbors are already using it

87 out of 100 people say they couldn’t live without this now

eye-catching titles

Eye-catching subject titles: Email Marketing 

If there is a scenario where you risk everything with your titles, it is in the email department. Here you have to get your copywriter tools and your originality to create eye-catching titles.

Before going into the topic of titles for email marketing, you should know that the first step to obtain a higher open rate is the sender.

A sender with a company name is discarded before a real name. As advice, use the name of your company’s CEO or customer service person. It will always be much more effective than using your own name.

When creating eye-catching titles, follow the advice in the article. Of course, take into consideration the following aspects. They are decisive for a good email marketing strategy.

  • Subject Length: between 20 and 50 characters.
  • First line of the email: use an eye-catching subtitle also in the first line or in the subtitle of your emails. A good title attracts, but also the lines that appear below are decisive.
  • Sender: Remember to use a person’s name and not your company name. This way you will notice the difference in your open rates.

It seems incredible that a simple line hides so much behind. The more you work on your titles, the better the results will be.

Start today to create those striking titles that make your users enter your website, read your news or open an email.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 06 May 2021

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