How much YouTube pays for video

Isabel Romero
18 February, 2022

You have created a YouTube channel and the million dollar question has arisen, “how much does YouTube pay for video?”.

The truth is that there is no exact way to know how much you can earn on YouTube for each video you upload.

It depends on several factors.

  • The language of the video and the country of origin of the channel.

For instance, a video in English will have a greater reach than a video in a different language.

How much YouTube pays for video by country

  • The type of content.

Brands will look for videos that are focused on selling products in order to advertise their own products.

For instance, if you make a video with a ranking of the best microphones to stream, microphone brands may want to place an ad of their product in your video. 

  • The audience to which it is addressed.

In the same way that product content is aimed at an adult audience with the possibility of acquiring it, a video for children is not so attractive to brands.

Videos targeted towards children maybe less interesting to brands who are focused on a specific sector and they won’t be likely to advertise.

Among these factors we will try to find out how much YouTube pays for video and what ways there are to make money.

Shall we start?

How to know how much YouTube pays for video

To know how much you can earn with your videos you must know that the data that YouTube evaluates is the CPM, which is the cost per thousand views in each video.

The more views, the more brands that will be interested in your content and the bid to advertise on your channel will rise. That is, you will obtain a greater economic benefit.


Growing fast on YouTube can be a big mistake, it’s a long distance race and earning income takes effort and work.

Our recommendation is that you go step by step, focusing on each step and uploading high-quality content. In this way, you don’t need to do more to get advertisers arrive to your content.

You should also bear in mind that YouTube imposes some requirements to be able to earn money with your channel.

✅ You must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

✅ You must have a minimum of 4,000 views.

With these requirements, YouTube intends that only channels with a large audience will be able to promote ads.

Now let’s go to the data that interests you.

How much can you earn on average on YouTube

Then there are external factors that will increase or decrease this amount: if users click on the ad banner or if the content is specific, which will lead to more visits and views.

YouTube pays on average 0.018 dollars per view. That is, 18 dollars per 1,000 views.  

As you can see, it is almost impossible to know how much YouTube pays for a video in any country, since it depends on numerous factors that directly affect the money generated.

What is true is that by creating quality content and working hard on your channel, your visits will increase and you can monetize your channel.

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Isabel Romero


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