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Isabel Romero
25 December, 2021

TikTok has revolutionized social networks and already has more than 800 million users according to Influencer Marketing Hub. If you want to know how to grow on TikTok, I recommend that you keep reading.

How to grow on TikTok

You have already made up your mind: You are betting on TikTok to promote your personal or company brand and you want to start gaining followers, interactions and creating a community around your profile.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to grow on TikTok.

Take note of all of them and boost your profile!

Edit the bio of your channel

How many times has it happened to you that you land on a TikTok channel and the bio doesn’t appeal to you at all?

You usually have two alternatives: either you stay to confirm that you will not like the channel by watching its content or you leave the profile straight away.

You must bear in mind that the biography is the first thing that new users receive when landing on your profile.

✅ We recommend that you:

Add an interesting biography that catches the attention of users, you have up to 80 characters to show your creativity and gain a new follower.

This aspect is important if you are not a personal brand or a well-known company and adding a logo is not enough, you will have to find another way to attract new followers.

Create content constantly

One way to gain followers is undoubtedly creating quality content and being consistent when sharing content.

If you go too long without posting videos on TikTok your followers will stop paying attention and you will end up losing them. Similarly, the algorithm of the application will not take you into account to show your content to new users or to your followers.

✅ In this section we recommend you keep two things in mind:

  • The speed at which the application grows and the videos that are watched per day, according to Influencer Marketing Hub in 2018, more than one million videos per day were watched.
  • The short duration of the uploaded videos, about 15 seconds.

With this data, our recommendation is that you post a video every day: you will gain popularity on the social network and it will not take long to record content of up to 15 seconds.

💡 If you don’t have that time, every other day would be ideal.

One of the usual ways to gain presence and followers in any social network: search and take advantage of the trends of each day.

In TikTok, in addition, you have a section called ‘Trends’ to see what is happening in the app at all times, the key hashtags about that specific content and how many publications have been made about it.

✅ We recommend:

Before uploading a video, take a look at the trends to see if you can post any videos with related content.

Although those with a lot of posts are very tempting, if you are a small account your video may be published at the beginning. Try looking for trends without a lot of videos, as some have trillions.

Take advantage of viral videos

If you find a video that has gone viral, you can try replicating it in your own way. Whether adding new effects or a different text, among other things, and making it attractive to new users who come to your account.

You can also try to make a video of your own creation go viral: you will need a great content idea that has not been used before and have that bit of luck to reach millions of users. 

✅ We recommend:

To get to know the viral content every day, check the trends and the different social networks, where you will find the most important videos on the Internet.

Another option is to search for challenges, an option widely used on TikTok, where companies or personal brands propose a challenge with a hashtag to users. If you do it right, you can get new followers.

Mention other users

As in any social network in which your objective is to create a community, mentioning other users in the publications is almost a ‘must’.

A way to interact and generate a chain of favors between you and the rest of the content creators, where the followers feed each other.

✅ We recommend:

It serves to give those users the credit they deserve if they have created content or a challenge and, in the same way, they will return that mention to you when you publish something.

Thus, their followers can become future followers of yours.

Create dual videos

Dual videos are a type of content available on TikTok where you take a post from another user, record yourself doing the same thing (or trying), and it gets published in the split screen app.

This video is very useful because it is attractive and refreshing, since it is not the usual content that you can see on TikTok.

✅ We recommend:

It is a useful content option to generate interactions with TikTok users. If, in addition, you take the video of a famous user, you can get a like or comment from him and his followers see it.

Of course, keep in mind that the other user must have the account open for everyone. If you have it private you will not be able to do the dual video.

Edit your content before publishing

With so many videos on TikTok every day, you need to stand out in some way from other users and, who knows, from the competition.

Edit your video before uploading and publishing it, add your own effects, music available in the app, description of the video, etc. Yes, as if it were a photo from Facebook, Instagram or any social network.

✅ We recommend:

Try the different effects, upload them from the TikTok application itself and add the extras you want, making a video 100% yours.

Feel free to take advantage of content-related hashtags. If, for example, you upload a video of a Queen song, add tags like #music, #musica, #Queen or #FreddyMercury.

You will reach more people and, above all, followers of the band who will love your content.

Share your profile on other social networks

If you have different social channels, a blog, a YouTube channel or an Instagram profile, you will know that one way to reach more users and grow is by sharing all the content on any of your profiles.

It is a way for your community to be aware and follow you on all your profiles, generating traffic to your social channels and obtaining new followers.

✅ We recommend:

When you post a new video on TikTok, don’t be afraid to upload it to other networks like Twitter or Instagram.

So your followers of these accounts will have a way to reach your TikTok profile and follow you.

These are our eight tips to apply and know how to grow on TikTok.

Do you have any questions? We will read your comments.

Isabel Romero


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