Instagram Stories Metrics: What to measure

28 August 2020

Instagram continually adds new features and plugins to its social network. By doing so, they ensure users will keep loyal to the platform.

The well-known Instagram stories were added as a complement to the publications in the feed, complimentary in the sense that they do not last more than 24 hours in the profile of each person.

This functionality has been enormously successful and today they have great importance within Instagram, which is why many companies and brands use this type of content within their marketing strategies on Instagram.

As we always say in Metricool, we should measure and analyze the performance and the money invested to know the profitability of any process included in our marketing strategy. 

So if you don’t know how to measure this type of content, this is your post… Stay with me, I’m going to tell you how to find out how your Instagram Stories are performing and what metrics you should review.

Why it is important to measure your Instagram Stories

In all the actions that are carried out within a marketing strategy with one or more objectives, it is essential to monitor their performance and if they are helping you meet your goals.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to measure stories on Instagram:

  • Find out what type of content your followers like to optimize the strategy accordingly.
  • Discover at what times your stories work best and worst.
  • Know the return on your investment. Do you think the money and time invested has been worth it? Find out with the analysis of your metrics.

How to measure the performance of your Stories

There are two different ways to check how the content of your stories have worked in the short time they have been published.

Pay attention…

Instagram Stories Metrics

Your content is published for a maximum of 24 hours. During this time, Instagram lets you see some data:

  • Number of viewers that saw your stories
  • Which people have seen them
  • How many impressions each Instagram Story had
  • How many people have visited your profile as a result of this story
  • Navigation through your stories (if they have clicked to the next one, have seen it again or have closed it directly)

Be aware that in order to access these metrics for your stories, you have to convert your personal account into a business or content creator account.

In addition, in the statistics section on your profile, you can access the analytics of your stories in the last 7 or 14 days.

With Metricool

After the analytics on your Instagram profile, you can analyze the performance of your stories in the period of time you decide (previous month, last 30 days, last 3 months …).

And you can see it graphically to be able to check visually the evolution of your profile:

Instagram Stories Metrics

And you can also see the content on your Instagram Stories that has been more or less successful with these metrics:

✅ Impressions of each story

✅ Reach

✅ Replies

✅ Taps back/forward

✅ The number of times that users have exit the story directly

Instagram Stories Metrics

Now you can check the performance of your stories and how the content is impacting on your Instagram marketing strategy.

Now you just need to complement this analysis by focusing on which metrics are the most important to know if you are meeting the objectives of your strategy or not.

A great advantage of using Metricool is that unlike on Instagram, these metrics will remain recorded in the system and you can come back to past information easily.

[Extra tip]: create professional reports with your metrics

Periodically analyzing this type of data is important, but I want to give you one more piece of advice … Create reports with this data to be able to do a more exhaustive and thorough analysis and know the performance of your content in the long term.

You can also compare the performance of your content with other periods of time and draw your own conclusions.

If you have a premium account with Metricool you have it easy, you can download reports with just one click.

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Sara Martín Sara Martín , 28 August 2020

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