What is IRL on Twitch?

Carlos Bravo
24 February, 2022

Twitch is the largest streaming platform, thanks to the variety of content. There are categories for almost any type of content, although we will focus on a specific category: IRL on Twitch in this post.

IRL is short for In Real Life

It is a term that refers to any content outside of a video game or the digital world.

Within the Browse page on Twitch, you will find the main categories of the platform: Video Games, Music, eSports, Creative and, IRL.

There is room for day-to-day content in real life in this section: from events, sports, or travel.

💡 What does this mean?

You don’t need to be an ace in video games to have your own Twitch channel. With exciting content, you can use this platform to grow your business.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and getting into this Twitch content, we’ve prepared several IRL options for your business.

IRL Twitch: Content Ideas

Twitch allows you to create content with very basic elements that you can have at home. Even from a mobile phone, you have everything to start your streaming.

What content can you stream on Twitch in the IRL section?

Live events.

We know how complicated it is to set up an event and manage to broadcast it to reach the largest number of viewers and be easy to follow.

With Twitch, you have a category of Special Events, where your followers and those users interested in your business have the option to follow the broadcast in a simple way, on PC or mobile device, in high definition, and actively participate with the chat: giving their opinion, being part of surveys or questions that you propose during the event.

It is easier for other Twitch users to reach your event by adding this category since you have more opportunities to appear in the ‘Browse’ section.

Science and Technology.

Another of the categories included in the In Real Life directory is Science and Technology.

If your business or company is in this niche, it is an excellent opportunity to share questions live with followers or potential customers, do product unboxing, or make tutorials of your product or service.

Outdoors & Travel.

The Outdoors & Travel category performs very well on Twitch and has many views. 

If you have a blog about traveling, an Instagram channel, or content on other networks, bringing your travels to Twitch can boost your community and reach. Streaming the trips and making a live diary of each route is like traveling from home and getting to know other cultures, which is very attractive for Internet users.

It’s easy to get to those kinds of channels from IRL, so with good content and a camera in hand, you’ll get a lot of viewers on your way around the world.

✅ Sports and health.

Is there anything more “real life” than sports and health? With the arrival of social media, the amount of content you can find on the Internet has multiplied.

And on Twitch, it couldn’t be less. Both sport and health & wellness are one of the main sections within the  Twitch IRL directory.

As a company in the sports sector, you can show products, solve problems or doubts of the audience, talk about trending topics, organize current debates, etc.

If you are a content creator dedicated to fitness or wellness, you can share your workouts or train live for others to see. It’s a great way to see how you work and, who knows, get some future clients.

As you can see, Twitch continues to grow and offer various content options on the platform. No more excuses that streaming is not for you. Take advantage of IRL Twitch and continue growing on the Internet with your company or business.

Of course, the important thing is to have a clear content and marketing strategy on Twitch.

Do you already have a Twitch channel? Have you streamed on IRL? We read you in the comments. 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo


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