[FREE MasterClass] Workflow Optimization Hacks for Thriving Holiday Campaigns

We all know that workflows and team projects need structure and organization in order to produce thorough, collaborative campaigns. So, we are here to share our top workflow organization hacks, and how you can build efficient systems to create quality content in less time.

Join us on Friday, November 17th, at 11 am EST, to learn the top workflow hacks for killer projects and campaigns.

Working as a team can be simple when you create these simple systems. It’s also great for following a pattern, and getting used to the flow. These tools will help you establish roles and keep your projects on track.

Plus, if you work in the marketing space, you know that daily tasks include multiple parts. Breaking these down can help you delegate tasks, or layout the work.

No more walking into projects, campaigns, or approvals blind.

Hosted by Anniston Ward, from Metricool, with guest Rachel Pedersen, who will share her top workflow management tools that help her everyday as a marketing consultant, content creator, and author.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 07 November 2023
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