Custom Pinterest report with Metricool

31 March 2022

The first day of the month makes you break out in a cold sweat. You know it’s time for the performance report on Pinterest. No worries. Remember that with Metricool, you can have personalized Pinterest reports in one click. Be worry free!

We will tell you how to download these reports and what information you will find.

Custom Pinterest report with Metricool

Pins are the main element on Pinterest. Giving them a creative touch is essential, but analyzing how users interact with them is equally important. 

Although Pinterest has its own analytics tool, gathering the data and preparing a report is still manual.

With Metricool, you have the data of your pins in one click and the possibility of customizing each Pinterest report.

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You are probably familiar with the tool if you already have a Metricool account. Otherwise, you will have to register first. 

Let us guide you on how to download your first Pinterest report with Metricool:

1 Open Metricool. 

2 Click on the Analytics section and scroll down to the Reports on the left side column. 

3 Customize your Pinterest report:

▶️  Select the period you want to include: the previous month is selected by default. 

▶️ You can customize your report with templates where you can choose the colors and which slides you want to include. Bear in mind that this option is only available on Advanced and Enterprise plans. 

▶️  Choose which social networks will be in your report or how the tables will be sorted by (engagement, reach, reactions,…) and the maximum number of rows on each table. 

▶️  Customize the report with your company’s logo or your client’s.

▶️  Remember that you can enable the option to receive the report to your email or your client’s with a personalized message at the beginning of each month.

4 Choose the format for your report: PDF or PPT. It will take a few seconds to download.

5 All set to download your report to your computer.

You can quickly access the last ten reports that you downloaded without waiting.

By the time you’ve finished reading this brief guide, you already have the report downloaded from Pinterest and ready to deliver to your client.

The option to download reports from Metricool is only available for Premium plans: Advanced or Enterprise.

What Pinterest Custom Reports Contain

This is the information you will find in our Pinterest reports:


In the first section, you will see the number of impressions you have achieved with your pins and the number of pins you have uploaded to your Pinterest.

This way, you can compare at a glance the performance of your pins through impressions and published pins.

Pinterest custom reports metricool


Engagement is crucial to understanding the commitment of your audience to your account.

In the Metricool report, you have the data of the engagement, interactions, and the number of pins you have published.


Interactions are the actions the user does with your content. If they like it, comment, etc. Each social network has its own actions and Pinterest too.

In this case, Metricool gives you detailed information about pin clicks, outbound clicks, pins saved by users, and the number of pins published. 

List of Pins

Pinterest Pin Ranking will allow you to see and analyze at first glance the performance of your pins in detail: publication date, impressions, saves, outbound clicks, pin clicks, video views, etc.

You also have this data in your Metricool control panel, and you can download this table in CSV format for further analysis. 

With the Metricool reports, you have everything ready to get the metrics from Pinterest while you dedicate yourself to other tasks. Now you just have to send it to your client or present it to an agency if you want to collaborate with them.

Do you want to know all the features of Metricool? 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 31 March 2022


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