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Cristina de Castro
17 November, 2020

Do you know that with Metricool you can give access to an unlimited number of members of your team so that they can also participate in the management of digital content?

That’s right, as you read …

If you are interested in adding members of your team to the Metricool dashboard so that they can be part of this management, I will tell you how:

Team Members Feature: What is it

The Team Members option gives the possibility of giving other people access to one or more brands and choosing what level of access to grant them.

Team Members are available with plans: TEAM or Enterprise

How to add team members to your Metricool account

The option is available in the Connection dashboard > Team Access.

conexions - Metricool

Before going to this section, select the brand you want to give access to.

Then go to Team Access and once there, you will see the + Add button where it prompts you to fill two fields:

  • The email address of the user you want to give access to.
  • A drop-down menu to choose the type of role.

Once these data have been added, click on the Save button to include the new collaborator.

team access

Regarding the user’s email, it is important to bear in mind that the person to whom we want to give access must also have an account in Metricool, with a FREE one is enough.

Team roles on Metricool

Within Metricool you can grant roles to your team members, and there are three types you can choose from:

Read only: allows you to view the metrics and generate reports, but the team member cannot schedule or connect social profiles.

Can Publish: You can see all the sections and also plan content. This role does not give access to Account Settings or the possibility to connect social profiles.

Manager: You can access data, plan, connect social profiles and also give access to other team members, but you cannot access account settings.

The roles of “Can publish” and “Manager” have the same characteristics as the account that gives them access: number of publications, download of reports, custom templates, etc.

The moment you grant a role to another person, they will see the shared brand in the Connections section within their own Metricool account.

This shared brand is distinguished from their own brand because next to the name it has an arrow icon along with the word “Shared”.

And this is all Metricooler, it’s that easy!

Do you want to know more about Metricool?

Cristina de Castro


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