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Carlos Bravo
23 June, 2021

Social listening is a crucial part of your marketing strategy: it helps you keep on top of what people are saying about your brand on social media and the Internet.

To do this, you need to have the right tools, which will collate all the information you need to make your social media marketing strategy a success.

Today, we want to tell you about seven social listening tools that will make your life easier and help you out with social monitoring for your brand.

While there are a lot of tools out there for social listening for your brand, we’ve drawn up a list that could give you something different and that aren’t all the same.

In other words, you can use them together to get as much information as possible. 

Afterward, you’ll have to choose which works best for your brand strategy.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a basic social listening tool. Even if its infrastructure may make you think that it’s an old website, it’s a social monitoring tool that is very easy to use and proves to be useful for your strategy.

The best thing about it is that you can look up a term, and the platform will show you all the mentions about your brand on different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit.

What’s more, Social Mention gives you information on users’ opinions, if they’re positive, neutral, or negative. It’s the perfect social listening tool for finding out your brand’s status among users.


The Meltwater platform is effective for covering real-time information about your brand across a wide range of media: editorials, blogs, forums, or news websites.

It’s a social media listening tool to find out what’s being said about your brand anywhere on the Internet: you can track a keyword in the topics you’re interested in. 

Meltwater is perfect for those businesses that have customers all around the world and want to know what’s being said about them anywhere on the internet.


Buzzsumo is a social monitoring tool that can help you to analyze the content you share on social media so that you can work out if you’re following the right strategy.

By adding a keyword for your business or your website URL, you can see how your content is doing on social media: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Buzzsumo powers-up your brand listening strategy thanks to the ‘Influencer’ additional feature. Search for the influencer you need by typing a keyword related to your business. If influencer marketing is one of your strategies, don’t miss this out!


On Keyhole you can analyze your marketing strategy by tracking a hashtag, keywords, mentions or URLs.

This social listening platform that includes information on how influencers are working or what they are saying about your brand.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will have access to more trackers, number of users to share your account, or keywords available per search.

Acceso 360

Acceso 360 is the perfect tool for collating information on your brand in different online and offline media, which is normally called ‘clipping’. 

Using an analysis, classification and team control process, Acceso 360 will collate any news articles in the daily media and classify them to show the ones about your brand, your business sector, or even your competition.

This social listening tool draws up results and gives you a personalized news clipping so that you can assess what the media is saying about your brand.

F5 Bot

This is the simplest social listening tool of all. It’s a bot that sends you an email notification when a user mentions your brand on social media. 

As such, this tool is more limited than its competitors since it only notifies you of mentions on Reddit, Hacker News, and Lobster. If these are the platforms you mostly use, F5 Bot is useful, and it’s free!

You just have to sign up, search for your business or brand using a keyword and the bot will send you an email each time you are mentioned. Super easy.


Metricool is the best social listening tool for any social media user that wants to keep track on what people are saying about their brand online, whether you’re a small social media manager, an experienced community manager, or a marketing agency. 

What can the Metricool Social Listening tool do for you? 

✅ Another feature that you might need is the Inbox management section. By using Inbox, you can manage private messages and comments you get on the social media profiles.

✅ If you often organize virtual or in-person events, the hashtag tracker will help you keep an eye on the hashtags for the event. This means you can see what people are saying about your event on Twitter and Instagram, and then draw up performance reports.

Carlos Bravo


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