Laura Montells
12 February, 2021
Do you have a business and just started your adventure in the world of social networks? Or did you recently begin a new career as a Social Media Manager for your first client and you need some guidance? Pay attention to this post today because we are about to explain the first thing you need to know before publishing on social networks: The image sizes criteria for each social platform. It’s crucial to make a good first impression with your potential followers even before you start showing your content. Don’t you think? This is why it’s vital that you etch in your memory the exact image size to use on different social networks, either for:
  • Header photos
  • Profile pictures
  • Image posts
  • Videos
  • Board displays
  • Image Ads
Be ready to note down all the specific dimensions you will need for each of the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  

What’s the image size on Facebook? 

Facebook should be proud about the huge impact that the images shared on its platform have. So, those images shouldn’t appear pixelated, especially after working hard on their design, right? That’s the reason it’s essential that you don’t overlook something as important as the image sizes on Facebook. Would you accept a small piece of advice? Besides using the right size for your photos, save them in a PNG format and success will be guaranteed! No more pixelated images.

Facebook Image Dimensions for Desktop

If you want to make sure that the images on your Fan Page are properly shown in all type of devices, you should follow the specific dimensions for each of them. These are the image sizes for desktop, valid for both your company page and your personal profile:
  • Profile Picture: 180 x 180 px.
  • Cover Photo: 851 x 315 px.
  • Square Post Image:1200 x 1200 px.
  • Landscape Post Image: 1200 x 900 px.
  • Shared link images:1200 x 628 px.
  • Facebook Ads: 1600 x 628 px.

Facebook Image Dimensions for Mobile Devices

The dimensions will be the same as for desktop except for the cover photo:
  • Cover Photo Mobile Devices: 560 x 315 px.

Image Sizes on Twitter

What are the correct sizes for pictures that will be published on Twitter? Don’t think that knowing the dimensions for Facebook is enough, each platform has its own image size criteria. So, if you want to have an appealing Twitter profile for your followers, you shouldn’t miss the following sizes:
  • Twitter Header Photo: The right dimension is 1500 x 1500px. Even though GIFs are very popular on this platform, you can only use JPG or PNG formats for the header photo.
  • Profile Picture: The perfect size is 400 x 400 px. What about the format? In this case you can use either GIF, JPG or PNG.
  • In-Stream Photo: You probably know that Twitter accepts any size for publications. However, the size that works best is 1024 x 512 px. You can use GIF, JPG or PNG.
  • Twitter Cards: If you normally use Twitter cards, the optimum size is 800 x 320 px. Only formats JPG or PNG.
  • Summary Card: The image size should be 280 x 150 px. JPG, PNG and GIF format files are permitted. You must consider not only the image but also the description that summarizes the content. Get the most of the 200 characters allowed!

What’s the image dimension on Instagram?  

Instagram is all about images, photos are the main thing in each publication. So, we should consider the right sizes for all the images posted. Don’t you think?
  • Profile Picture: The optimum size is 110 x 110 px.
  • Published Photos: Instagram reduces photo sizes automatically. It’s important that you take advantage of this feature and upload pictures at a high resolution.
  • Square Picture: The adequate size is 1080 x 1080 px but you can also upload photos with a smaller size, 640 x 640 px.
  • Landscape Image: The recommended dimension is 1080 x 566 px.
  • Portrait Image: To make sure the photos are displayed at their best, use this measure: 1080 x 1350 px.
  • Videos: Either you upload a video to your timeline or share it to Instagram Stories, you will need to know the exact dimension to conquer your followers:
    • Video to your Timeline: the resolution should be 640px x 640px and the duration should be between 3 and 60 seconds.
    • Video to Instagram stories: the optimum resolution is 750px x 1334px. The maximum duration should be 10 seconds.
  • Ads on Instagram: You must follow carefully the correct image size for your square and landscape images:
    • Square Ad: 1080 x 1080 px.
    • Landscape Format: 1080 x 566 px.

And what about Pinterest? 

Whether you have an e-commerce site, a gastronomic page or a fashion brand, there is no doubt that Pinterest will be a valuable asset for you and your business. It will help you to improve positioning your webpage but also it will work as a perfect display for your brand. So, what do you think about learning about the correct image sizes for this platform? Pay attention!
  • Profile Image: We recommend you use the dimension 165 x 165 px. The format can be either JPG or PNG.
  • Pin Sizes: 600 pixels x adjusted to height if you want a good resolution image. As with the profile image, the format can be JPG or PNG.
  • Cover Image Board Display: The ideal would be 200 x 200 px. Format JPG or PNG.
  • Small Thumbnail under Board Cover: Recommended size 100 x 100 px
Now that you know all the correct image sizes for the main social networks, you should always keep them in mind when you post. It’s time to free your creativity with all your images!
Laura Montells


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