Actions that you must avoid on social media

10 September 2019

There are plenty of articles and tons of information out there about how to improve your social media strategy to succeed… However, we barely hear about those actions that you should avoid on social media that could end up resulting in penalties or even the closing of your accounts. If you keep reading you will discover 8 things to stay away from with your social strategy, 8 social media mistakes to avoid.

Avoid these 8 social media mistakes

These are the main actions on social media that you should avoid so your strategy can work satisfactorily and succeed.

Pay close attention to the actions described below.

Mass follow and unfollow on social media

A high number of followers might make you think that this is proof of success. However, you shouldn’t focus of all your efforts towards reaching this goal. 

Mass following other accounts to increase the number of followers is a tactic that will neither help your strategy nor increase your visibility on social media for two reasons:

➡️ Followers in quantity not quality

You’d be lying to yourself if you think that your strategy will be successful, and you’ll reach your goals if you only follow people. Your followers should be interested in the content your share, simply obtaining followers because you like something that they have previously posted will be useless.

➡️ Shadowban might go after you

According to social media terms and conditions of use, take actions massively is not allowed. It is considered Spam. Social networks penalize this type of behavior with shadowban, that is, they reduce your visibility and reach.

💡 The best way to reach followers

Focus on creating relevant and high-quality content. Your followers will be truly interested in your publications.

Buy followers

Many users go crazy trying to increase the number of followers, succumb to temptation and buy followers as a shortcut. What they don’t consider is that those accounts are fake and therefore, they only increase the number of followers, nothing else.

The accounts that are bought won’t make any kind of interaction, this explains why there are some accounts with 10,000 followers but barely 100 “likes”.

So then, what’s the purpose?

If your followers don’t convert or interact with your brand, you will only deceive companies making them believe that your social media platforms are working successfully.  

“You will get zombie followers that take space but don’t generate any type of interaction with your content”

Don’t reply to messages

You can’t disregard your audience. If you want your social media accounts to thrive, it’s crucial to reply to everything, even if you only use a simple emoji. For example, Instagram algorithm rewards your replies to comments and messages.

Unexpected opportunities might arouse from these messages such as, partnerships, recommendations or good reviews about your work.

If it is a business account, it is another way of attending to your customers and do they are happier and more satisfied.

We are aware that replying to all your messages on social media can be arduous and exhausting. We have created a tool where you can attend to all your messages from one place:

Generate spam

Often publishing worthless content for users or continuously repeating publications won’t help your social media strategy.

Spam on social media will make you lose followers and social platforms will limit the reach of your content.

Don’t pay attention to engagement

As we mentioned before, a high number of followers is useless if they are not interested in your content. If you have many followers but they don’t convert or interact with your publications, your content won’t work and therefore, you won’t create engagement.

Don’t monitor actions and take measures accordingly

Wanting to be successful and converting users through social media is a natural goal. Social networks can help you reach potential customers. However, if you don’t carefully analyze your progress on social media and monitor whether your strategy is working well or not, then all your efforts will be in vain.

One thing can work well one day, and the next day can be ineffective. Measure all your actions and act accordingly.

Tracking all your movements on social media is time consuming and hard work. You must follow how each publication is working, the engagement, etc.

Metricool makes things easier for you and helps you to analyze the evolution of your social networks and provides you with all your relevant data at a glance.

Abuse the use of hashtags

You can include up to 30 hashtags per publication on Instagram. However, you can be penalized for using more than 15.

Many companies copy-paste long lists of hashtags with the objective of increasing the reach and visibility of their publications. However, we recommend you limit yourself to those hashtags that best align with your content.

Aren’t sure which ones you should include?

If you want to know more about how to create a good social media strategy and avoid this social media mistakes, here you have all the information you need: 

Social Media Marketing Guide

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