TikTok Challenges

Sara Martín
25 January, 2021

Are you familiar with the social network TikTok?

Whether you have used it or not, surely more than once you have come across TikTok challenges.

And it is a social network that has not gone unnoticed at all and has gained prominence as time has passed, and especially for the famous challenges that you’ve probably seen and even have done more than once.

But well, in case you don’t know very well what I mean, here I will explain everything about the challenges in TikTok:

What is a challenge on TikTok

These are videos in the form of challenges.

Normally, the challenges are accompanied by a dance or a song that goes viral, and TikTok users join in posting this type of content on their accounts.

These types of videos are cataloged with a hashtag (#) so that users can share it and thus gain more visibility and classify it as a challenge.

These challenges in TikTok are the ones that have managed, among other things, to viralize the social network and the great diffusion of some of its contents through the Internet.

Hashtag challenge ads

The challenges have been so famous and have achieved such a large diffusion that the TikTok platform itself has added the option for brands or companies to advertise with this type of content.

What does this consist of? Stay and I’ll tell you.

TikTok offers companies to create a specific challenge with a hashtag and TikTok is responsible for promoting it in the trends tab so that users see it and are encouraged to participate.

In this way the company gains virality and reach with fun content for users.

Some viral challenges

TikTok challenges can take almost any form – they should be easy for the masses to replicate and are intriguing enough that your audience wants to participate. They can be as simple as the #RosesAreRed challenge or more difficult like the #ThePushupChallenge.

Challenges are a unique way to get your audience to create user-generated content that aligns with your brand. When TikTok challenges are done right, they tend to gain traction and spread like wildfire in the app.

Challenge with the music Banana Feat. Shaggy Conkarah

Consists of doing a dance to the rhythm of the song:

Turn Around Challenge

Consists of turning around on the ground each time the song says the Turn Around phrase.

You can see people doing this challenge in a thousand different ways.

Challenges about changing clothes

As in all social networks, fashion is one of the most viewed trends on TikTok.
Changing clothes to the beat of the music or with a very clean transition is one of the most viewed challenges on TikTok.

Don’t miss it:

And this is all I’ve told you about the famous TikTok challenges. Have you decided to do one yet?

Sara Martín


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