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30 August 2023

There is no doubt that TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today. TikTok is fast-moving. New trends, new features, new filters, and even new secrets? Yep! Something that many people do not know is that TikTok has a secret Emoji Code. 

There are 46 total secret emojis that TikTok has. They are built right into the app, you just have to know the tricks to unlock them! So let’s dive right in and we will teach you the codes to use. 

What Are The TikTok Emoji Codes 

There are simple shortcodes that you can use in captions and comments to make the hidden emoji appear. Here is how: 

  • Choose an emoji from the secret list we will discuss below
  • Copy the emoji shortcode
  • Paste the shortcode into a caption or comment
  • Now watch it turn into a TikTok your chosen top-secret emoji

The codes are quite simple so your favorites will become easily remembered so you can be able to use them all the time! There’s a secret emoji for pretty much any emotion, so let’s explore the shortcodes for all of them! 

Short Codes for Secret TikTok Emojis 

Add a little bit of spice to your TikTok captions and comments by simply typing in your chosen shortcode. Let’s explore each and every code.


Regular Secret Emojis 

[smile]- Pink smiley face to show happiness/appreciation

[happy]- Pink face with an open-mouth smile to show extreme enjoyment 

[angry]- Red face with furrowed eyebrow face to show anger 

[cry]- Blue face with tears streaming down to express extreme sadness

[embarrassed]- Teal face with a sweat drop dripping down 

[surprised]- Light pink face with wide eyes and jaw-dropped expression

[wronged]- Yellow face with two fingers pointing toward each other 

[shout]- Purple vampire-looking face to express frustration

[flushed]- Yellow face with pink cheeks to express nerves/excitement

[yummy]- Pink face with tongue out and thumbs up 

[complacent]- Blue face with sunglasses to express relaxation

[drool]- Pink face with red heart eyes and drip from mouth

[scream]- Blue face with open mouth and hands on cheeks 

[weep]- Blue face with sad eyes and teardrop 

[speechless]- Teal face with a sweat drop to express annoyance

[funnyface]- Light pink face with wink and tongue out 

[laughwithtears]- Pink crying laughing face 

[wicked]-Purple face with devil horns 

[facewithrollingeyes]- Light pink face with big rolling eyes 

[sulk]- Red frowning face with a furrowed forehead

[thinking]- Yellow face with a hand resting on the chin

[lovely]- Pink kissy face with red cheeks 

[greedy]- Light pink face with money-sign eyes and a big grin

Dumpling-Shaped Secret Emojis

[wow]- dumpling-shaped face with a surprised expression

[joyful]- dumpling face with a huge smile and pink cheeks

[hehe]- dumpling face with mischievous side eyes 

[slap]- dumpling face with x eyes and hand on the cheek

[tears]- dumpling face with tears streaming down 

[stun] dumpling face with different-sized eyes and open mouth 

[cute]- dumpling face with teared-up eyes and pink cheeks 

[blink]- Dumpling face with wink and heart 

[disdain]- dumpling face with furrowed brows with eye bags 

[astonish]- Dumpling face with an angry shocked face 

[rage] Dumpling face with a red face, yellow eyes, and a mad expression

[cool]-dumpling face with sunglasses and chill expression

[excited]- dumpling face with laughing expression with closed eyes

[proud]- dumpling face looking down with ease

[smileface]- dumpling face with a wide smile, wide eyes, and rosy cheeks 

[evil]- purple dumpling face with fangs and mad face 

[angel]- dumpling face with a yellow halo

[laugh]- dumpling face with tears of laughter 

[pride]- dumpling face with eyes closed, brow raised, and kissy face 

[nap]- dumpling face with closed eyes and snot out of nose 

[loveface]- dumpling face with heart eyes

[awkward]- dumping face with a sweatdrop 

[shock]- blue and white dumpling face with sweat drops and open mouth

Spruce up your TikTok game and surprise your followers by using some emoji codes! Which ones would you use frequently? Let us know! 

To learn more about emojis used for each social media network, click the button below: 

sophie sophie , 30 August 2023

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