What are Twitter Circles?

27 October 2022

Can you imagine a situation in which you only tell a small group of people an idea, to see what they think? Well, now there is something like that in social networks, with the Twitter circle. 

What does this feature consist of? Is it like Instagram’s Best Friends?

Twitter Circles

This is a feature of the social network through which you can publish tweets for just a small group of followers. 

It’s a way to share your content with certain followers, who can share their impressions and comment on what you’ve posted, before releasing it to the entire Twitter community. 

The closest thing we can find in other social networks is “best friends” on Instagram, where you can add a certain number of users where only this group can see the content you upload. In this case, it is easy to think that it has a purely social orientation, while on Twitter it seems to be directed towards brands and companies. 

So if you were to think about it, yes, we can call it a circle of Twitter friends. 

How to add members to your circle 

Now that you know what the Twitter circle is, it’s time to think about who is going to be part of your new space. 

Here’s how you can add users to your circle: 

  • Open Twitter in your mobile app or browser. 
  • Click on “More Options” in the window displayed in “Twitter Circle”
  • Upon entering you have two sections: Twitter Circle and Recommended. Go to Recommended and search for the person you want to add by their username. 
  • Click “Add” and you’re ready!

Now you have the first members added in your circle. The next part is, how does it work?

How Twitter Circle Works 

Let’s review. You already know what this green Twitter circle is and how to add members. How can you activate it? 

This part is the easiest of all because with downloading the latest social network update on both operating systems you will have access. 

Download the Twitter app on Android or iOS

As we have mentioned before with this feature, only the group of users you have selected will be able to see the content of the tweet and be able to interact with it. How can you make the green Twitter Circle when composing a tweet?

  • Click or tap (depending on whether you’re on the web or in the app) on “Compose Tweet”
  • At the top of the tweet compose box, you have the option of audiences. 
  • Here you can choose to make your tweet public or only reach those in the Twitter Circle. 
  • Write the content of your tweet and click on “Tweet.”
  • All done!

Additional characteristics:

If you have decided to use this feature so that a small group of users in your community can give you their impressions of your tweet, you may be interested in these extra characteristics: 

twitter circle
  • How to see my Twitter Circle. To see the users you have added to your account, just go to ‘Twitter Circles’ (under More Options) and Twitter will show you the users that you have added. 
  • What is the green circle on Twitter? You may have heard this expression on social networks and it is because when you open the audience option when you write a tweet, a green circle appears to direct your content to the members of your Twitter Circle. 
  • You have the option to include up to a total of 150 users in your circle associated with your account and you can not have more than one circle
  • Only you, as the creator, can see who makes up the entire list of your circle. 
  • The Twitter user you add to your circle can interact with the content you share by liking or replying to the tweet, but cannot retweet it. To leave a Twitter circle, you can mute the creator user, as well as block or unfollow. 

Now, you know what the circle is on Twitter and how to create content to have impressions prior to launching it to all users. 

Do you dare to add new users to your “green group”? We will read your comments below!

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 27 October 2022

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