X Adds Streamlined Reply Option for DMs and Audio and Video Calls

06 September 2023

X is constantly rolling out new features to better the app and follow trends of what other platforms are doing. The newest features to come to X is a new streamlined reply options inside of Direct Messaging and and Audio and Video call feature. 

X’s New Reply Option

Just like the iPhone option where you press and hold a message and reply to that message directly, X is now rolling out this option in DMs.

All you have to do is simply swipe right on the message you want to reply to and it will move the message to the bottom so you can see the exact message you are replying to. X is looking to continue to grow and implement new features inside of the DMs. 

X’s New Audio and Video Calls

This new feature has not yet been released and we are not sure if this feature will be for regular users or just X premium users. 

Source: Twitter

This feature is another way that X is going to push interaction inside the DM section of X. X is constantly growing and changing so if you want to utilize X to its full potential be sure to stay updated with all the new features and changes. 

For a full Twitter (X) tutorial, be sure to click the button below: 

sophie sophie , 06 September 2023

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