X-Twitter Tutorial 2023 

22 August 2023

This network continues to shock us with changes. Confusion rises about whether Twitter is officially called X, or if the almost two-decade-long social media network name will remain. A paid subscription service has arrived. New algorithms emerge to support paid users. Limits added to free users. A ‘For You’ page. 

This is just a glimpse into the changes that have taken place on Twitter, now called X. After Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October of 2022, the ideas of this network’s future greatly differ from its founders. 

So, with that being said, you may need a refresher on how X works, and what functions are available on the app. 

Let’s dive into this X-Twitter tutorial for 2023!

How to Create an X-Twitter Account

First either download the app on iOS or Android, or head to the website version

You will see a “Create your account button”. After clicking on this, you can choose how to want to set up your account, by manually entering your details, signing up with a Google account, or setting up an account through an Apple account.

If you decide to create an account manually,  enter your name, phone number or email, and birthday. Then you will need to verify your account either by email or text confirmation. Then, click Next, and your account will be created!

For creating an account via Google or Apple, you will need to log in to your other account to sign in to X. 

When selecting your username, if the one you chose isn’t available, the network will provide a few suggestions. These must be 15 characters or less, and cannot include the words “admin” or “Twitter”. 

Once you are logged into your new account, you can personalize your account by selecting a profile photo, header, and bio. 

How to Use X-Twitter in 2023

For You / Following Feed

After creating a profile that reflects you or your brand, it’s time to head to the timeline! This is the homepage, which you will see each time you log into the app. You can scroll through the feed, and if you want to get back to the top, click on the home icon. 

You have the option to like, comment, repost, quote repost, see the number of views, and share

At the top, you will see there are two feed displays, the ‘For You’ page, and the ‘Following’ page. The ‘For You’ page will feature recommended tweets and reposts from people you follow. The ‘Following’ page only shows tweets and reposts from those accounts you follow. 

Next to the homepage icon, you will see a magnifying glass which is the Search page. Inside here, you can search for users, topics, or keywords. 

Here you will also see a search bar at the top, and a series of topics below including: For you, Trending, News, Sports, and Entertainment. 

Below this, you will see trending topics, Videos for you, and top conversations based on what content you create and interact with. 

Audio Spaces 

Now let’s check out the next section of the app, Spaces. Represented by a microphone icon, this section is where users can host and tune in to live audio conversations. 

You can see the top hosts and live sessions, as well as upcoming events for users you follow. Select “Set reminder” if you want the network to notify you before the live begins.  


This section is the tab next to Spaces, known as Communities. These are private groups where users can share content with each other. These are similar to Facebook Groups and intended to create spaces for users to learn from each other. 

You can Ask to join communities by reviewing and agreeing to the rules for the community. If the administrator accepts your request, you will be able to engage with the community and share your own content. 


The second to last section of X-Twitter is the Notifications tab. This is where you will see all mentions, replies, and follows. 

You will see at the top that you can filter between All, Verified, and Mentions. The verified tab is a new addition from Musk, which only shows notifications from verified accounts you follow. 

The mentions section is all those accounts that have mentioned your brand in tweets, comments, and replies. 


The last section of X-Twitter, is Messages. This is where all messages sent to your account will appear, as well as your message requests. 

Message requests are from those accounts you don’t follow. Implemented just recently, this is the network’s attempt in limiting the number of spam, bot, and inappropriate messaging. 

In the bottom right corner, you will see a blue button with a mail and “+” sign. This is how you will draft a new message. You now can also send voice messages. Search for a user to send to, or create a group with multiple users. 


On the left side of the screen, you will see your profile picture. By clicking on this, your username will appear, as well as a Profile tab. 

When entering your profile, you will see your posts, replies, highlights, media, and likes. Posts show all your newest posts and replies are any content you have responded to.  

Highlights are tweets selected from any content you’ve created, that are pinned here. You can show off your top or most important posts here. 

Media is where you will see all video and image content you have posted, and all the content you have left a like on will appear in the likes section. 

If you want to edit your account, click on the Edit profile option. 


Underneath the Profile option, you will see Bookmarks, which take you to all your bookmarked tweets. 

To bookmark a tweet, select the bookmark icon, which you can organize into a folder or save to all your bookmarks. 


You can also create lists, and pin other lists under the Lists section. Lists show only the content that has been posted by users in that list, to help organize and customize your experience. 

To create a list, click on the blue button with a list icon and a “+”. Here you can select a name, photo, description, and whether you want to list to be private or public. You can then search for users to add to your list. 


Lastly for the sections within X-Twitter, you will see the Monetization tab under Lists. This will show all available programs, and if you are eligible to join. 

Creators who are eligible can either sign up for subscriptions, or ads revenue sharing. Subscriptions enable users to pay for exclusive content, and ads revenue sharing allows users to earn money from the ads displayed in replies to the content you post on X. 

Learn more about monetization here. 

How to Post a Tweet 

Now you understand how the network works, it’s time to start creating your own content. Although “Tweets” are a universally recognizable name, Elon Musk is pushing for them to now be called “X’s”. What we are unsure of is if this will stick. 

So, for now, let’s call them Tweets. You will see a blue button with a “+” sign appear on every section, besides the messaging section. By clicking on this, you will open a new window to create a tweet. 

Here you have the option to post the tweet publicly, or to a Circle. Add your text, mentions, and hashtags. At the bottom, you will also see a variety of options including: 

  • Create your own Space
  • Add a new audio recording
  • Select an image or video to add to your tweet
  • Create a poll
  • Add a location. 

Before tweeting, choose who can reply to your tweets, between Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you mention

Once everything is ready to go, click Post and your tweet will automatically appear in your feed. 

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Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 22 August 2023

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